10 Most Futuristic Concept Cars 2020

Concept cars always leave us desiring
more except for those lucky enough to
carry around the cash to buy one of
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and today we’ll be presenting you with
the 10 most amazing concept cars of 2020
you’ll be amazed to learn all that these
car manufacturers have in stock for the
future of automobile production so make
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like today let’s begin with our
countdown in tenth place mercedes-benz
vision urban attic it’s a part of an
ecosystem that covers the entire value
it works with maximum efficiency reliefs
the infrastructure and creates
opportunities for new business models
we’re kicking off our list with the
mercedes-benz vision urban attic
Mercedes take on a futuristic electric
vehicle this car looks completely sick
and futuristic version urban etic
eliminates the separation between people
moving and goods transport it enables
on-demand sustainable and efficient
movement of people and goods and applies
an innovative approach to fulfill the
needs of cities businesses from diverse
sectors as well as city dwellers and
travelers the concept reduces traffic
flows relieves intercity infrastructures
and contributes to an improved quality
of urban life it literally looks like
the type of car that would be driven by
a robot Butler so at least we have to
give it some points for that kind of
out-of-this-world design coming in at
9th place Sony’s vision s this prototype
embodies our contribution to the future
of mobility and contains a variety of
sonic technology there are 33 centers
what does the outside and inside of
the cow well not exactly a car
manufacturer and also no intention of
joining the business Sony developed
their vision s as a way to showcase its
new connected car platform called vision
s this concept packs a number of
technologies that can be used in new
electric vehicles some 33 sensors can be
found all around the car used to detect
people and other vehicles and inside
Sony’s 360 degree reality audio offers a
mind-blowing sound experience complete
with speakers built into the seats the
all-wheel drive concept sits on a newly
developed evie platform that Sony says
would be adaptable to coupe sedan and
SUV body types it’s powered by a dual
motor system and weighs 5,000 180 pounds
sony’s specs estimated zero to sixty
mile per hour time of 4.8 seconds and a
maximum speed of 149 miles per hour this
car was probably the most surprising
debut at CES 2020 and one that
definitely has a lot in store for the
future 8th place
Fisker ocean well not a big name such as
Ferrari or Lamborghini mr. ocean has
produced the world’s most sustainable
vehicle ever and knowing that the future
of vehicles is sustainability it’s safe
to say that they have a nice future
ahead of them
Fisker debuted the ocean at CES 2020 and
is scheduled to go into production near
the end of 2021 with its platform going
on to underpin two other new Fisker
products on top of that unlike other
electric vehicle manufacturers the ocean
will have a decent starting price of 37
thousand nine hundred ninety five
dollars before taxes it’ll only cost two
hundred and fifty dollars to reserve one
and one of them could be leased for
three seventy nine a month we can’t help
but compare this car to Elon Musk Tesla
car line which is much more expensive
than the ocean the ocean is marketed as
an all-electric zero emission with vegan
interior and recycled materials
throughout it’ll be offered with
multiple power trains to choose from and
has a minimum range of 250 miles
seventh-place the Nissan IMX Kuro coming
in the seventh place of our list we have
the Nissan IMX Kuro the car first
featured the Nissan intelligent mobility
system which represented how Nissan was
changing the way cars were powered
and integrated into our society the
innovative design of the curl also
includes Nissan’s exclusive brain to
vehicle technology v2v interpret signals
from the driver’s brain to assist with
driving and to help the vehicles
autonomous and manual systems learn from
the driver
kuroh which means black in Japanese
comes to life with the I MX which is
first revealed at the Toyota Motor Show
in October 2017 with new look black trim
and wheels and updated grille and a new
dark grey body color sixth-place Jeep 4x
II as with other car manufacturers Jeep
will be switching to electrified
versions of its vehicles with the 4x C
being its new plug-in hybrid powertrain
the renegade 4x C has been confirmed as
having a 1.3 liter turbocharged
four-cylinder engine mated to a
six-speed automatic and a 99 kilowatt
electric motor mounted on the rear
subframe combined output is between 141
kilowatts and 176 kilowatts depending on
the trim so what do you think of these
concept cars so far let us know in the
comments fifth place Tesla Roadster the
Tesla Roadster is probably the most
awaited concept car of 2020 Elon Musk is
promised fantastic specs for this car
among those featuring a range of 620
miles a top speed that surpasses 250
miles per hour and around 70 400 pounds
of torque through all four wheels it
will also have zero to 60 acceleration
in 1.9 seconds we don’t even know how
this will be possible yet Tesla seems to
be adamant in that it will if this car
ever gets launched you can bet that
it’ll be groundbreaking fourth place the
Mitsubishi a Mirai for the Mitsubishi a
Mirai for comes in at the fourth place
of our list displayed at the Toyota
Motor Show and originally given the name
X Auto it will offer both manual and
autonomous driving for consumers not yet
ready to let a computer take the wheel
nonetheless the vehicle itself does look
much different to vehicle designs today
being a fully electric vehicle the MRI
e4 has no need for a front grille to
cool the engine down on top of that it
has an information system that doesn’t
rely on touch to operate though it still
retains its tactile capability
that’s definitely amazing to know
however there’s an even more shocking
car at the top of our list ready to find
out which one it is let’s head down to
the top three
third-place mercedes-benz vision a VTR
mercedes-benz has done it again with
their concept cars and just by judging
this cars design is enough to warrant it
a top spot in our list this car
literally looks like something used in
the movie Avatar by James Cameron as a
matter of fact mercedes-benz has said
that the movie was this cars inspiration
the vision a VTR can read your pulse and
sense your breathing on top of being
able to display visions from the world
outside the four wheels light up and can
pivot to make the car crab-walk sideways
and the back hatch is covered in 33
Bionic flaps which can move in different
directions and house cameras inside with
its four high performance and near will
built electric motors the vision a VTR
embodies a particularly agile
implementation of the vision of a
dynamic luxury saloon second place
airbus papa
the pop-up was designed by its Hal
design and Airbus first unveiled in
Geneva on March 7th 2017 the pop-up was
marketed as the first modular fully
electric zero emission concept vehicle
designed to relieve traffic congestion
in crowded mega cities pop-up envisages
a modular system for multimodal
transportation that makes full use of
both ground and air space the pop-up
will work perfectly alongside a drone
that can pick its chassis up the best
place for this concept to thrive would
be in a super crowded mega city probably
in the near future but it would be
fantastic to watch this concept car
become a reality and in first place the
Hyundai s a 1 urban air mobility I’m
super excited to announce young
dissolution for this new era I proudly
present to you our first beautiful
concept vehicles si1 while all of the
cars in our list have been fantastic and
futuristic looking there’s nothing that
screams more science fiction or future
than literally applying taxi now is this
urban aviation something that can ever
be enjoyed by the masses a.m.
democratization of flight this means
that the overall cost to produce and
operate um vehicles should be really low
enough for everyone to enjoy the freedom
to fly hyundai has partnered with uber
to build flying taxis for the
ride-hailing service as part of the new
uber elevate urban air travel service
this si1 aircraft can seat five people
including the pilot and has four
electrically driven props with a
vertical orientation the si1 is
optimized for ubers urban air mobility
and features a target cruise speed of
around 180 miles per hour a projected
range of 60 miles and a recharging time
of around 5 to 7 minutes during peak
operating hours which is just absolutely
crazy all of this is done as part of
both Hyundai’s and ubers vision for air
travel to fly around congested cities to
reduce traffic by possibly connecting to
a whole network of autonomous pods that
can move people at a ground level to
thanks to its sleek design and
possibilities for innovation we had to
place the world’s first official flying
car in the first place of our list
those were some definitely shocking
concept cars to learn about what do you
think about them let us know in the
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