How Will AI Change Our Future and Internet?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the ability of digital computers to perform tasks that are associated with intelligent beings. Or it can also be referred

Mercedes-Benz wins world’s first approval for Level 3 autonomous cars: What’s that mean?

“With this milestone, we are once again proving our pioneering work in automated driving and also initiating a paradigm shift,” said Markus Schäfer, Member of

Lucid CEO believes autonomous taxi fleets are a decade away

The idea of an autonomous taxi is something many automakers and autonomous technology researchers are working towards. In many large urban areas, a primary mode

Hyundai Mobis M.Vision X Concept Has Windows That Turn into Screens

Hyundai Mobis M.Vision X Concept Has Windows That Turn into Screens Hyundai Mobis, which is the South Korean industrial giant’s automotive supplier arm, is headed

New Isuzu D-Max: Top 5 Specs You Should Know about

The New Isuzu D-Max launched halfway in 2021, bringing modern cabin infotainment and the latest active safety features to the table. This utilitarian pick-up has

Audi Skysphere Concept Can Transform from Grand Tourer to Roadster

Electric two-door convertible’s variable wheelbase points toward a future where your autonomous car can drive you out of town, then turn into a sporty roadster

Audi skysphere concept EV literally stretches and shrinks

Audi is no stranger to bedazzling concept cars, but few stretch the imagination quite like the new Audi skysphere. More ambitious than the the e-tron

New Super Cruise features coming to six 2022 year model GM vehicles

Most automakers are working on autonomous and semi-autonomous driving features for vehicles. Autonomous driving is seen as a method of improving safety on the roads

Lyft is getting autonomous Argo AI Ford cars for public rides this year

You may be able to summon an autonomous Ford via the Lyft app later this year, with the automaker and the ride-hailing app working to

Ubisoft reveals free-to-play shooter Tom Clancy’s XDefiant

While Tom Clancy fans are going to have to wait until 2022 to get their hands on Rainbow Six Extraction, it seems that Ubisoft will

Pininfarina Teorema Concept Is a Sleek Vision of an Autonomous Future

The Italian design house showed off a long, low concept that previews a world of autonomous driving and electric powertrains. Pininfarina has been especially busy

Volkswagen reveals its money-maker plan for EVs and autonomous services

Volkswagen has revealed its New Auto 2030 strategy, its roadmap for the rest of the decade, and the automaker is hoping you’ll be willing to

Mini Vision Urbanaut Is a Full-Size Vision of a Pod-Like Future

Mini has built what was only a rendering a year ago: an electric, autonomous lounge on wheels with multiple mood settings. The Mini Vision Urbanaut first

Volvo reveals its new EV brain – and an unexpected promise

Volvo has big EV and autonomous vehicle plans, and it’s bringing software development in-house to deliver it sooner rather than later. The automaker revealed VolvoCars.OS

Volvo plans 560 mile EVs from mid-decade: Electric roadmap

Volvo expects its electric vehicles to get close to double the range with its third-generation 800V battery architecture, though that’s unlikely to arrive until the

Parrot Anafi Ai 4K folding drone goes long distance with 4G connectivity

European drone-maker Parrot kickstarted the consumer drone market but over the past few years, it’s left that behind to focus on its Anafi commercial drones

New Volvo XC90 all-electric SUV will start an autonomous roadmap

Volvo is readying an all-electric luxury SUV, with the successor to the XC90 combining an EV drivetrain with a new autonomous driving system. It’s expected

Lincoln and Jeep are next to join the hands-free driver assistance party

Your options for hands-free driving assistance in the US are about to increase, with Lincoln and Jeep both confirming that they have updates to their

EHang long-range VT-30 autonomous aerial vehicle takes off and lands vertically

EHang has revealed the latest version of its aircraft that it calls an autonomous aerial vehicle or AAV. The aircraft is a long-range VT-30 meant

Sleeker self-driving SUV hints at more road-ready autonomous cars

Autonomous car headgear keeps getting smaller, with revealing its latest self-driving car design and its much sleeker, Luminar-powered scanning hub. Far from the “upturned

Skydio X2 self-flying drone takes flight for enterprise and government pilots

Skydio has begun shipping its X2, the public sector and enterprise version of its self-flying drone, complete with a custom new controller with much further

Elon Musk says new Tesla self-driving update is ‘superhuman’ — here’s why

Tesla Full Self-Driving beta ‘will blow your mind’ Elon Musk has been taking up the upcoming debuts of the Tesla Full Self-Driving beta, claiming that

Airbus taps Luminar LIDAR for its autonomous aircraft’s eyes

LIDAR manufacturer Luminar has inked a new deal with Airbus, to provide its laser scanners for Airbus UpNext’s next-generation aircraft. The agreement could see Luminar

ARCFOX Alpha-S with Huawei Inside unveiled

Huawei has revealed that the first vehicle integrated with Huawei’s intelligent automotive solution was officially launched during the 2021 ARCFOX Brand Night and New Product

DJI Air 2S Active Track vs Skydio 2 Real-World Test & Comparison

Here’s the complete and real-world side by side test and comparison between the DJI Air 2S and the Skydio 2 in autonomous tracking modes. Featuring

The DJI Air 2S is old news – DJI is officially moving into self-driving cars

DJI has just upstaged the launch of its own DJI Air 2S drone by announcing a new sub-brand called DJI Automotive – the new home

Chromebooks with NVIDIA RTX graphics, MediaTek CPU might be coming

It hasn’t been approved yet but NVIDIA has just made it known that it is very intent on investing in the Arm computing ecosystem. The

2022 Lexus LS 500h AWD debuts with Toyota’s Advanced Drive autonomous driving tech

Three days ago, Toyota debuted its Advanced Drive autonomous driving tech in Japan, and the first vehicles to receive it are the 2022 Lexus LS

Toyota introduces Advanced Drive autonomous driving assist in 2021 Lexus LS and Mirai FCEV

In response to Cadillac’s Super Cruise and Tesla’s Autopilot, Toyota recently unveiled its newest Advanced Drive autonomous driving system, a human-centric driving assist feature born

This Fancy Honda Is the Closest Thing We Have to a Self-Driving Car

Honda became the first manufacturer to hit a major self-driving milestone…in a car you wouldn’t have expected. We now have the world’s first official semi-autonomous