Best new cars coming 2020-2021: my A-Z guide of the Geneva Motor Show

Welcome to the 2019 Geneva Motor Show so
in this video I’m going to take you all
around the show which includes this hall
but also come with me can we make them
on this hall over here and I’m going to
run through all the cars from A to Z and
all the world premieres I will cover to
keep you up to date
oh sorry laughs oh my god it’s just
crazy like you’re bumping into people
all over the place and here’s the other
hall I’ve got to get through as well I
don’t know how many more accidents I’m
gonna have with other people but bear
with me I’m sure you gonna enjoy it I
may be a little bit tired by the end of
the day Alfre mayo showing off its new
small SUV it’s called the toenail
toenail toenail it’s basically just
small stell vo this is just a concept
for now but yeah the production version
will put it look quite similar and it’s
very pretty isn’t it it’s got pretty
toenails toenail toenail I’ll give up
Chinese firm Ark Fox yeah you put it
from heard of them and even I until
today showing three concept cars here at
Geneva they’re all electric the most
important one is this SUV which has a
range apparently of about 600 kilometers
then there’s the GT which is a sports
car and has amazing about 400 kilometers
but can do not 60 in about 2.6 seconds
there’s actually a racing version of it
over there in blue now you won’t be able
to buy that but these are the two will
go into production obviously first of
all in China probably the next couple
years Aston Martin is a literally gone
new car crazy here at Geneva so there’s
this mid-engine supercar concept which
is set to take on the light the Ferrari
488 there’s a small version of the
Valkyrie with a v6 engine there’s a
running Valkyrie
as well and then in the background
there’s a look on that SUV I mean it’s
just total madness and totally awesome
as well it’s all about waffle here on
the edges down so perfect for me
actually it’s all about electricity in
particular this car the new
q for each on so it’s only a concept for
now but if you look inside you can tell
it’s pretty much production already and
the production car got on sale in 2020
price from around 55,000 pounds but what
is it well in terms of size it fits
between the key three and a q5 but it’s
all electric you have an electric motor
at the front on the back so it is
four-wheel-drive and combined we enough
power to get from Nord 60 in just over
six seconds top speed is only 112 miles
an hour but the range is pretty decent
280 miles apparently this lightly
camouflaged car is the e-tron sport back
so it’s basically a coupe Ayush version
of the e-tron you can see with its
slightly sloping rear end so it’s a bit
less practical but looks cooler however
look it does have some fake Ventus all
in a straight now with a new car why
waffle of truth now that leads to
nowhere and I’ve got sugar all over the
car finally then only showing off a
bunch of plug-in hybrids in fact there’s
more than you can shake a waffle on a
stick up we’ve got a 8 over there and a
6 there’s the q5 and this were on the
lovely a7 Sportback which is finished
and it’s striking kar-wai blue paint
that’s its unofficial name although this
should probably adopt it show some
okay I’ve been told to clean them on
there so that’s better I mean ever
wonder what a Russian rolls-royce would
look like well there you go it’s called
the Aero Senate no it looks a little bit
like a Bentley from some angles as well
then just take both designs and squish
them together and got this now denieth
the bonnet it’s got a 4.4 liter
twin-turbo v8 hybrid engine with 600
horsepower also four-wheel drive inside
it’s rather luxurious as well it’s also
drawing quite a crowd maybe because it’s
a copycat for all Italy it’s interesting
in any way and look at the size of that
grille its massive
Bentley celebrating its 100th
anniversary here the Geneva Motor Show
and it’s given yourself a little brazen
this the number nine edition so it’s a
limited-edition car only 100 will be
made and there’s no mechanical changes
over the normal Continental GT but
there’s loads of styling upgrades and
they’ve been inspired by this old
Bentley from the 1920s the paint scheme
has kind of inspired the new car but
obviously they didn’t have metallic
paint back in the day the other car
Bentley’s shown here on its toned
is this the Ben Tiger speed so if a
normal Ben take it to be 12 isn’t quick
enough for you this should do the job
it’s 6-litre w12 twin turbocharged
engine has 635 horsepower and that’s
good for naught to 60 in 3.9 seconds but
that isn’t the killer start no don’t
worry it’s fine these things happen that
Motor Show it does it happens all the
time you know there’ll be more of that
later people walk in front so you just
have to get on with it anyway the main
talking point about this car is the top
speed 190 miles an hour and that makes
this the fastest SUV in the world
yeah channeling my inner clock son the
man to be standing is all about plug-in
hybrids so this is a plug-in hybrid
version of the x5 this is a plug-in
hybrid version of the 3-series that’s
over there is a plug-in hybrid version
of the 7 Series and over there is a
plug-in hybrid version of the x3
I think you get the idea you’d be able
to get a plug-in hybrid version of
pretty much every car in the BMW range
here we have for the Bugatti I love what
you’re and while it’s a one-off and it
costs 12 million pounds it’s basically a
sheer underneath the skin it’s just that
it’s got an all-new skin now if you
can’t afford a full-size spaghetti don’t
have one of these version it’s even got
common fiber on it mind you it’s still
not exactly cheap that thing will set
you back at 11,000 pounds now to see how
much you can sell you want a toy car
ticket actually don’t know we don’t do
the toy cars but if you wanna see how
much you can save on a normal car you
can click on the pop up under the tank
on the screen or on the link below the
video make sure you’re paying a fair
price Citroen has a very loud music on
its Geneva show stunts it also has this
the a me one concept car so basically
it’s an electric car which is supposedly
the spiritual successor to the 2cv the
idea is that it’s just meant for driving
round town it has a top speed of 30
miles an hour and a range of about 60
miles also it’s dead short so you should
be able to park it nose in at the curb
music is loud I just want to do a job
and then me finally we come to not to
say it but to kübra yes it’s not to say
it at all it’s Annie Cooper for Mentor
this is a concept once again it’s going
to go to production 2020 largely
unchanged this is a plug-in hybrid
though so you’ve got a 1.4 liter petrol
engine you’ve also got an electric motor
combined you’ve got around 240
horsepower now on an electric power line
this thing will do about 50 kilometres
but most of the time you can be driving
along on a combination add a gasoline
power pint and the electric motor
here’s some stuff it’s it’s electric
ego I’m going
I’m here at the florist and in Geneva
and once again I’m not actually allowed
on it
maybe if I leave I can complete the new
car it’s called the f8 tributo it’s
basically an update to the 488 so it’s a
bit light so it’s got some new Aero it’s
got some chassis tweaks
oh great an engine of course in fact
it’s the most powerful v8 supercar from
Rory as evident it’s got samplings and
10 horsepower it’s quite like oh only I
could get closer to it maybe one day
they’ll let me understand I know what it
is with Ferrari I mean then let anyone
look that guy were they it doesn’t look
any more important than me at least I’ve
got my own cameraman rather than having
to get someone told my mobile phone
maybe we should start a campaign people
get mad on the Ferrari stand for me the
cult is caught here at the Geneva Motor
Show is this the Fiat think table empty
I hope I said that right
why not done so what is it what it’s
effectively gonna turn into this guy’s
just bumping me other way
sorry my friend really likes it as well
anyway so this car is gonna spawn the
next Panda and it’s all electric now
what’s interesting about it is that
normally it has a range of around 60
miles which you might think isn’t really
enough at all but let’s say you want to
go for a longer distance you can go to
your Fiat dealer their slides are more
batches into it and then you’ve got a
range of up to 300 miles so it’s useful
for longer journeys also in the car guys
undersell it be fully customizable so
you can make it look as cool as you
wanted spend as much as you want you
know a little bit like you can with the
500 yeah I’m looking forward to the
production version of this the future is
Ginetta Norma just racecars but now if
they’ve done a road-going supercar look
there it is it’s called the Akula it
doesn’t look cool at all though does it
is bad it’s quite ugly
sorry Ginetta just is though the big
news here on the Honda stand is the e
prototype now it follows on from the
urban Eevee concept there has changed
slightly so that car was dead square
this one’s a bit more rounded also the
concept had three doors this is a
five-door so it’s more practical it’s
not quite as cool looking but it is
still pretty for EQ isn’t it’s a great
little city car actually all go on sale
in 2020 price from around 25,000 pounds
it’s got a range of 120 miles from a
charge and be able to charge that 80%
full in about 30 minutes which isn’t too
jeeps are all about rugged off-road
performance especially in trailhawk
format such as this renegade behind me
however it’s also eco-friendly because
it’s a plug-in hybrid so it has a 1.3
litre petrol engine at the front an
electric motor at the back that gives
you four wheel drive and emissions of
just 50 grams per kilometre can even run
on electric power low for up to 50
kilometers there’s a compass version as
well over there that’s not all there
isn’t the jeeps done though there’s some
ex models which are sporty versions of
its entire range so compass renegade
Cherokee Grand Cherokee they’re all
available in extremis
in case of one did kia has only gone and
unveiled the new soul and what’s more
it’s electric power only so you can be
able to get two versions one with 210
horsepower which has a range of two
Jannetty mars and another with 140
horsepower with the range of 170 miles
you pay your money it takes you a choice
actually it was quite cool also you bail
to charge you from 20% of all to 80%
full and about 45 minutes regardless of
which model you go for now I have no
idea what the heck is going on over here
but there’s some kind of like photo for
people next to this concept car which is
called the key imagine I don’t know what
I’m imagining anyway it’s an electric
4-door coupe a with a performance slant
apparently check this out then the
Koenigsegg YESCO 23 million pounds very
rare car it’s got 5 litre twin-turbo v8
with 1500 horsepower and it’s capable
apparently of 300 miles an hour
however some bad news it will be their
last petrol only car Koenigsegg ever
makes Lamborghini showing two
convertible cars here at Geneva so the
first is this the Aventador svj roadster
so it’s pretty much the same as the
coupe a bit without a roof and they’ve
got unpainted it and this wild mat of
gold paint which I must cite and I’m in
Paris to say actually I like now in
terms of the engine you’ve got a six
point five liter v12 with 770 horsepower
Nord 60 takes just 2.9 seconds and being
the svj you’ve also got four-wheel
steering got lightened alloy wheels and
some special active Aero now if you’re
interested in this car yeah very few
people will actually get to own one
while the reason for that is that it
costs three hundred thirty thousand
pounds but then what do you expect for
roadster that can do 217 miles an hour
the second car is the hurricane Eve Oh
spider I’m not really sure wide
Lamborghini core the Aventador roadster
and the Huracan spider but there we go
what you need to know about this car is
that obviously it’s like the Evo Kupe so
you haven’t rated chassé over the normal
hurricane it also has people walking
across it frame like it’s a Motor Show
these things happen so 5.2 liter v10
with six thousand four
horsepower nought-60 takes just 3.1
seconds it also is available with
rear-wheel steering for how did calling
prowess and it’s got some extra arrow on
it though it’s not active arrow like on
the Aventador price-wise well this thing
will cost you two hundred and twenty
thousand pounds it has a top speed of
201 miles an hour now here’s the
question for you would you like to spend
the extra 110 thousand pounds for the
svj Aventador roadster for an extra 60
miles an hour would you click on the
pop-out banning the top right hand
corner of screen to let me know what you
think so it just happens all the time
you just got to get on with it
me personally I think I’d save the cash
in just get this and it does look good
in green Master has an all-new model
look here it is it’s called the 630 and
it sits between the cx-3 and the 65 in
the range looks pretty smart as well
doesn’t it and it’s quite nice inside
I’ve checked it out plush materials all
that matter interiors actually so this
car is an SUV you Berta Kate with
front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive it
gets masters latest range of SKYACTIV ex
engines it’s also got mold hybrid
technology to boost its economy the
Meseta stand is replete with new models
so i’ll putting that to you over there
is an e QV it’s an electric MPV van over
there is the CLA Shooting Brake so it’s
a CLA which is basically an a-class with
a kind of sloppy estate rear end over
there is the new facelift GLC over there
is the AMG GLA 53 so mild performance mg
version and the Cheerilee beyond that is
an AMG GT r roadster why cut the roof
off I don’t know and beyond that it’s
not new but it’s just kind of cool
an orange g63 actually this one else
want to show you and here it is look
before they just cover the car up check
this out these are insane alloy wheels
absolute madness new here today you
won’t be up to get them in the UK and
good job too because we’ve kind of codes
we have in England you’re gonna make a
mess of them and they look very
expensive in fact I can actually see my
face enough god I’m looking tight but
Mitsubishi is showing off the angle Burt
Humperdinck here a Geneva actually it’s
called the Engelbert aura as any concept
but it’s
SUV plug-in hybrid with an electric only
range of up to 43 miles apparently and
the technology in this car may
eventually filter down into the
Outlander P HEV also this thing is a 7c
so it’s got four-wheel drive and it’s
supposedly very high quality inside just
like the Outlander not Nissan is showing
off a hybrid SUV a Geneva it’s called
the imq and it’s not in normal plug-in
hybrid or normal series hybrid it
actually has a 1.5 liter petrol engine
which provides power to the batteries
which then power to motors so it’s
driven by electricity although the
energy comes from fossil fuel it seems
like madness but actually that power
train is going to go into production
cars and very very soon one thing that’s
good about it is that you get loads of
torque so this thing actually has 700
Newton meters of torque which is more
than an SMG TR has no I haven’t stepped
back in time this is a brand new Pagani
Zonda built especially for this Motor
Show actually celebrates 20 years of the
Zonda and has the same engine as the
original so a 6 litre Mercedes v12 with
450 horsepower still looks stunning
today this is the pal V and it’s a
flying car it’s not just a made-up
concept it really does fly q-ball of
these you will fly in it so long as you
have a pilot’s license look it’s even
got proper dolls and stuff
it’s insane a real flying car let’s get
back down to earth with some normal cars
the big news from Peugeot is this the
new 208 small car I think it looks
fabulous is really smart looking little
thing isn’t it I’m not going to tell you
about it because what you can do is just
click up there look pop-out banner and
top right corner the screen on the link
below the video to watch my in-depth top
10 video about it so just do that but
there’s something else I want to show
you now this is super exciting now I
like the 508 as it is but this is a
Peugeot sport engineered one and it has
some extra styling bits makes it look a
little bit more racy but that’s not what
mouse with this car it’s the fact that
up front you have a 1.6 litre
turbocharged petrol engine mated to an
electric motor and there’s another
electric motor at the back and combined
you have 400 horsepower and naught to 60
in just over four seconds
it’s a plug-in hybrid so you can
actually travel up to 30 miles on let
you power alone I hope they make it and
I’m sure they will
I’m just chilling out with a new pic
mark zero so yeah getting in everyone’s
sharp just something installed I should
probably tell you about this car so it’s
all electric it’s a two-seater coupe a
it has a range of about 200 miles it’s
got four horsepower not 16 3.2 seconds
but the most exciting thing about it
isn’t the fact you can charge you from
empty to 80% full in just five minutes I
mean that is life-changing for an
electric car should also point out and
the guy behind this is the former VW
chairman 13mph also he’s the nephew a
third hand Porsche so he knows a thing
or two about building cars did you know
that the most powerful car ever to come
out of Italy isn’t a Ferrari nor
Lamborghini it’s this the Pininfarina
Bautista so it’s got 1900 horsepower and
it makes that from for electric motors
on a single charge it can do 280 miles
and if you want one it will cost you 2
million pounds it’s quite a lot money
but it can do in order 60 in just two
seconds you know I mentioned fryer at
the beginning well don’t you think that
from the side it looks a little bit like
a Ferrari 488 let me know in the
comments box below pole star has doesn’t
kind of odd with their Geneva shows done
so it’s big sign there and a big stand
area here but no cars to be seen
anywhere for some reason they’ve hidden
them behind this wall well here we go
this is where the post are to hide even
got a white one here and over here
there’s a gray one although it’s
surrounded by people at the moment quite
like in grey it’s a bit less iPhone a
bit still yet you know that his car
don’t you so it’s got 400 horsepower
electric motors got range like 300 miles
is basically pole stars which is it’s
Volvo in it really pole stars Tesla
Model 3 so yeah they’re gonna sell quite
a lot of these I think
this is a new Porsche 911 Cabriolet
that’s pretty much all I have to say
about that because it’s it’s rather
self-explanatory isn’t it
it’s a drop-top 911 actually there is
something that you should know
poor she’s one of the few car
manufacturers that actually makes its
own folding fabric roofs in-house
apparently they’re better if they do
them themselves so they say here we have
the new Renault Clio look at it it’s a
smart looking small card I need to tell
you too much about it you know a renault
clio is this is just the latest version
I do like it in this matte gray paint
another thing that’s quite impressive
about it is the interior quality so
cause of this size you usually feel
pretty cheaping they’re brittle plastics
on the dash and on the door tops but
this one no softly softly touch you up
there and up here all very nice well
done Renault another coroner has annexed
and here in Geneva is this Alacoque
sportif version of the Twingo the least
said about that better I think
welcome to the site standing behind me
is the new set L born now L born is a
very trendy suburb of Barcelona this is
a very trendy car it’s actually a
concept for now but it will spawn a
production car which will actually be
virtually unchanged and you’ll be able
to see that in 2020 so it’s an electric
car with an electric motor at the backs
go back 200 horsepower and it should
have a range of around 400 kilometers
that’s about 300 miles on a single
charge next we have the minimo and I
know what you’re thinking
that looks a little bit like a Renault
Twizy but it’s Knights a its own car
it’s completely different honestly
that’s what they tell me and they do say
it’s got better range better performance
than a Twizy it is just a concept for
now but they might put it into
production if enough people are
interested in buying it say here’s a
Renault Twizy it’s almost identical this
is the Skoda chemic and it’s basically
Skoda zanter – the Volkswagen T ROC only
I would look inside and it feels more
expensive than materials of plusher it’s
got a soft touch – the T Rob doesn’t yet
this will be less expensive of course
being a Skoda
this is a Skoda I the concept so it’s an
electric car it’s got two motors on the
front one in the back combined that’s
about 300 horsepower to be capable of
naught 60 in just under six seconds and
should have a range in the real world
logging the freight world of 300 miles
now I would like to get closer to it but
you see those models up there they were
actually the Paris Motor Show and I
bothered them a little bit too much and
there’s now a restraining order and I
could get into trouble if I so much as
step onto this stand so we should leave
it that I’m afraid
Sony Hong is showing off its new car and
over here in Geneva yeah I know it’s
covered but it looks a lot like the old
Koran doe Quran doe Subaru has set up a
really big stand here at Geneva to show
off its visit adrenaline concept yeah it
kind of suggests that they may one day
do a plug-in hybrid or full Eevee
crossover thingie I’m so excited
Erin this is it standard there is
absolutely nothing new I just wanted to
come here to cuddle a chimney was that
tea weird Steve wait isn’t it
Tata which I was Landrover showing off
from this little SUV it’s called the h2
X and it’s clearly a concept and that’s
real the information I have on it sorry
there are a few things you need to know
about on the Toyotas done so there’s no
massive world debut but there are some
new cars such as this gr Sport version
of the Toyota Corolla basically it’s got
a sporty body care in a little bit
tweaked suspension nothing changed to
the engine or hybrid system then over
there you’ve got like a four-wheel drive
rough track version of the Corolla a bit
jacked up and some body cladding then
there’s some different could a goes and
a slowly facelifted Prius but it still
looks kind of hideous I like this though
this is cool I like the Corolla I don’t
mind a sporty version of it nice
Volkswagen has three new cars here in
Geneva one is a concept to a production
cars so the concept is this ID buggy so
it’s an electric powered buggy the
motors at the back about 200 horsepower
and actually the underpinnings of this
car goes into its electric vehicles the
road game version this is just
a bit of fun really with this you know
you know what they did with the beetle
that you could take the beetle chassis
and then do various things with it such
as a beach buggy that’s what they’re
doing here really over there is the team
rock R so it’s basically a Golf R and a
team rock body so two little
turbocharged engine with rigid
horsepower should be pretty quick now
here is the final currency of the
production one and it’s the new Passat
well I say new it’s been facelifted
slightly different design so it rated
engines and the latest VW Group driving
aids well that is the end of my guide to
this show I am absolutely shattered if
I’ve missed a car
don’t mention it in the comments box
below I do not want to know okay right
I’m done I’m out of here
that’s it enough for me yeah bye I
almost fell over that could been really
nasty could’ve been very injured yeah I
suffer from way out yeah yeah cut now
cut man this game boring cut now there’s
a bunch of Patrick if you enjoyed this
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