2021 Yenko/SC Silverado California Edition has 710 horsepower

Specialty Vehicle Engineering has been taking various cars and trucks and making them faster for a long time. Its latest offering is the 2021 Yenko/SC

2021 Lexus RC300 F Sport review: Elegance and expectations

Is the Lexus RC300 F Sport too beautiful for its own good? It’s hard to remember the last car I drove that attracted as much

Hyundai NEXO breaks long-distance record – in Oz

Aussie team pushes new fuel-cell electric vehicle to its limits, exceeding the official range by 221km Hyundai Australia has broken the world record for the

Ford is embedding Alexa in its newest models: Free data & new Power-Ups

Ford is baking Alexa into more vehicle dashboards, part of its new Power-Up OTA updates that will see some drivers get three years of free

Samsung’s PixCell LED promises safer automotive lighting for the future

One of the driving forces in the automotive manufacturing industry is improved safety. Active safety systems are a major part of all new vehicle designs

2021 Alpine A110 Legende GT is limited to 300 units in Europe

The fabulous Alpine A110 has come a long way since Renault introduced the Alpine Vision Concept back in 2016. For 2021, Renault is sprucing up the Alpine

Subaru Solterra electric SUV confirmed as brand’s first AWD EV

Subaru has revealed details on its new, first all-electric model, and if you were worried there wouldn’t be enough EV SUVs around to choose between,

Every 2021 Subcompact Luxury Crossover SUV Ranked from Worst to Best

Luxury, served small and tall in crossover and SUV forms. Not all subcompact crossovers and SUVs sit at the bottom of the automotive food chain.

Restomod Ferrari Testarossa aims for 200 mph

The 80s was the heyday for TV shows and movies where cars were as much a character as the actors. One of the more iconic

Porsche Boxster EV Concept Could Be Coming Soon

Electric prototypes of the current-gen Boxster are undergoing testing, and Porsche is working to get a concept released. Porsche has been talking about electric versions

As Rivian EVs’ First Deliveries Near, Startup Seeks More Ways to Stand Out

Rivian’s own-brand insurance will offer rewards for using safety tech, employees will fan out across the U.S. to show off the R1S SUV and R1T

SSC Tuatara sustained heavy damage in an accident aboard a car carrier

Last December, we talked about the SSC Tuatara hypercar, which is aiming to be the fastest production car in the world. In December, the car

Volkswagen v Volkswagen: the new Golf faces its predecessor.

Spec shootout: 2021 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 v 2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk7.5 If there’s one car that has come to define its segment, it’s the Volkswagen Golf.

Rivian R1T by the numbers: EV pickup spills bed, towing & storage secrets

Rivian’s all-electric pickup truck may promise zero-emissions and futuristic styling, but the R1T still has to deliver on practicality. That’s just what the Amazon- and

Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series details firm

New platform to underpin Toyota’s big 4×4 off-roader as spy pic-based renders deliver final design As the August reveal of the 2021 Toyota LandCruiser 300

This fully-restored Mazda MX-81 Aria Concept previews a glorious past

There’s a funny story behind the Mazda MX-81 Aria Concept you see here. It debuted at the 1981 Tokyo Motor Show as Mazda’s first experimental

Polestar 2 digital key update adds new phone features to EV

Polestar is pushing out a new digital key system for the Polestar 2, tapping drivers’ smartphones for authentication, while the OTA update also brings further

A stock 2021 Bronco Badlands Took third place in the NORRA Mexican 1000

Ford is taking time to brag on its 2021 Bronco Badlands four-door SUV. The automaker has announced that two lead Bronco engineers behind the wheel

2021 Drive Car of the Year – Best Off-Road Vehicle

Off-road vehicles often have a few key common traits: big tyres, big suspension and big ground clearance. And while these three contenders are all guilty

The UAW wants federal EV rebates only on vehicles built in the US

The UAW is continuing to fight Ford and its plan to move production of one of its electric vehicle models from the US to Mexico.

The Suzuki Misano concept is a new speedster with motorcycle-inspired tandem seating

The Suzuki Misano is a new concept vehicle developed by Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) students in Torino, Italy. It’s a futuristic-looking compact speedster inspired

The Use of Smartphone Apps Among Drivers: The Advantages?

In today’s world, cars are becoming more and more advanced. This is a great thing because it means that our safety is taken into consideration

Ford unveils its big battery lab to win the EV wars

Ford is planning a new EV battery hub in Michigan, with Ford Ion Park tasked with figuring out longer ranges and cheaper costs as the

Four all-new platforms to underpin Lotus’ future

Emira sports car and Evija hypercar to be joined by at least one SUV, plus a new pure-electric sports car Lotus has released detailed plans

Hyundai Kona N mixes a little hot hatch with an SUV

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing major automakers to reveal vehicles that would normally debut at major auto shows virtually. Hyundai is the latest automaker to

Ford Mustang Mach-E GT sales start: Performance Edition power confirmed

Ford has thrown open the order books for the most potent versions of its electric crossover, with the 2021 Mustang Mach-E GT and GT Performance

2022 Porsche 911 GT3 First Drive Review: Resetting The Benchmark

In an era when many performance cars have adopted forced induction, electrification, or some combination of the two in the interest of headline-grabbing statistics, the

Hispano Suiza reveals Unique Tailormade ‘Hyperlux’ custom program for Carmen hyper EV

Legendary Spanish coachbuilder Hispano Suiza has revealed its Unique Tailormade customization program for the high-performance Carmen EV. The goal is to convert each new Hispano Suiza vehicle

Alfa dumps Giorgio platform

Italian brand to switch to electrified Stellantis Group architecture for all future models Alfa Romeo has been forced to dump its multi-billion-euro Giorgio vehicle platform

2021 Mansory F8XX is an 880HP Ferrari F8 Tributo

German tuning firm Mansory recently unveiled its latest version of the Ferrari F8 Tributo. Affectionately called the Mansory F8XX, it’s a complete vehicle conversion with