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Ferrari… What other name causes such an amazing thrill in the hearts of fans? What other

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21-in-1 Smart Kitchen Appliance TOKIT Omni Cook To Officially Launch On Dec.10th From $899

SHANGHAI, China, Dec.10th, 2021 – After successfully raising over $1 million with more than 1,600 backers

Battlefield 2042 becomes reality: The US military may soon add tactical robot dogs armed with sniper rifles to its arsenal

The remote-controlled quadrupedal robots could serve as watchdogs, since their four-legged design offers some specific advantages

Amazon Astro is a $1,000 Alexa-powered home robot

Amazon has unveiled its first robot, Amazon Astro, combining Alexa on a motorized platform that can

Investigation points to factory robot as a potential reason for Chevy Bolt fires

With the push to transition people worldwide from traditional combustion-powered vehicles to electric vehicles, development is

This Week in Cars: Nissan Z, Genesis GV60, and a Tesla Robot

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Xiaomi unveils Mi TV Master 77 4K OLED TV

Robot dog not included Xiaomi pulls back the curtain on the Mi TV Master 77 OLED

Levoit 400S Air Purifier review (hands on)

Futuristic, stylish and inexpensive, here’s an air purifier to beat The Levoit brand of air purifiers

Engineering student created an impressive DIY cable cam with AI-powered tracking

Uruguayan engineering student, Maximiliano Palay, has shared a detailed breakdown showing how he built Cablecam, a

Cytron Maker Pi RP2040 Review

Microcontrollers, such as those powered Raspberry Pi’s RP2040, are ideal for robotics and projects that require

H9MAX RC Drone Review: Comes With Brushless GPS Folding

H9MAX RC Drone accompanies components of speed control, headless mode, a solitary tick take-off, and landing, etc.

Battlefield 6 will have ‘wacky cosmetics’, says leaker

Battlefield 6 will apparently have “wacky cosmetics” and a customizable robot dog, according to known leaker

Battlefield 6 could add robot dogs to your arsenal

With development of EA Dice’s next Battlefield title well under way, rumors about the upcoming war

KF607 RC Drone Review: Comes with 5G WIFI FPV GPS 4K Camera

This KF607  RC Drone is furnished with a 5G WIFI, ESC, 4K front camera, a base camera with optical

Skydio hits billion-dollar valuation for autonomous drone tech

Autonomous drone company Skydio has just raised another $170 million in funding, with its “flying robot”

Amazon Echo Show 10 review

Back in 2017, we reviewed Jibo, an adorable half smart display half robot thing, that swirled

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DJI Mini 2 sold, unboxed, and leaked ahead of official debut

It wasn’t too long ago that DJI launched its latest Mavic Air 2 drone but that

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Like many contemporary soundbars, the Vizio Elevate is capable of playing audio encoded in either Dolby

SJRC F11 Pro RC Drone Wifi FPV GPS RC 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal

SJRC F11 Pro RC Drone is an imaginative thing, which isn’t only typical for 3 controller

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10 Most Futuristic Concept Cars 2020

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