Top 10 All-New Electric Cars on Roads in 2020

More and more manufacturers are focusing
on developing new electric power trains
and platforms which could result in the
number of electric cars to grow rapidly
over the next several years the fall in
prices improvements in range increased
investment and rollout of charging
networks has started to create a serious
competition on the market
big automakers like Volkswagen and
Daimler are accelerating the transition
towards electric drive paving the way
for the breakthrough of electric
vehicles today we’ll talk about the top
10 all-electric cars that will hit the
roads as early as 2020
howdy eat Ron Sportback howdy that aims
at electrifying one-third of all new
models is going to bring its next
all-electric car to market in 2020 the
newly unveiled eat Ron sport bag comes
with futuristic design and embedded
innovative AI technologies to ensure a
comfortable and connected environment
for its passengers the vehicle will be
built using the same electric drivetrain
and battery as the company’s first
all-electric car the e-tron Quattro SUV
but it’s equipped with a coupe a roof
which makes the vehicle more aerodynamic
allowing it to overcome around 6 miles
more distance your wheel drive SUV Kupe
will be available in two options the
higher-end version is expected to have a
real-world range of about 210 miles on a
full charge it will be equipped with
dual electric motors for a total regular
output of 265 kilowatts and 414
pound-feet of torque the new electric
coupe a crossover features an innovative
lighting technology with digitally
controlled matrix LED units at the front
and rear which can produce excellent
light combinations enabling the vehicle
to communicate visually with the
the Audi e-tron sport bag will have a
starting price of about seventy eight
thousand dollars Tesla Model Y Tesla has
officially launched its highly
anticipated compact crossover SUV which
is expected to come to market in fall
2020 the model wise design is remarkably
similar to the model three’s design but
thanks to its 10% bigger size it can be
outfitted with a third row of seats for
a total seating capacity of seven the
company offers both rear and all-wheel
drive variants which come with
impressive aerodynamic performance
enabling at the higher end version to
reach 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds
the car is mostly free of buttons on the
inside featuring a large infotainment
display in the middle of the dashboard
the vehicle is able to achieve a
real-world range of up to 300 miles on a
single charge and has a starting price
of $48,000 the cheaper version with a
smaller battery is due to go on sale in
spring 2021 with a price of thirty nine
thousand dollars
Tesla also has plans to produce a more
powerful version of the Model S in 2020
which will come with a three motor
played powertrain and new rear-facing
seats the specifications is still
unknown but it will be quicker than the
Tesla Model S P 100 d with ludicrous
mode ready to set new records from an
electric sedan
Ford Mustang Mach II Ford finally
unveils it’s gorgeous
powerful long-range all-electric SUV
which is inspired by the company’s
iconic muscle car the Mustang the
Mustang Mach II comes with the three bar
taillights and a familiarly shaped
grille cutout the vehicle will be
available in five variants with both
all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive
power trains featuring standard and
extended range battery options
respectively the company will first
deliver the premium and first edition
models in late 2020 which can achieve a
real-world range of 270 miles with a
pair of electric motors powered by an
extended-range battery and the premium
model with a single motor driven
powertrain can overcome a distance of
300 miles the rear-wheel drive base
model can achieve a range of 230 miles
on a full charge at reached 60 miles per
hour in about 6.5 seconds driven by two
electric motors a special GT performance
Edition which will be available from
spring 2021 is able to accelerate from 0
to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds like
the all-wheel drive model why
performance variants the maquis offers a
spacious interior featuring a large
touchscreen in the center of the
dashboard for navigation and
entertainment as well as an additional
screen in front of the driver for speed
and battery information the Mustang Mach
II has a starting price of forty three
thousand nine hundred dollars riffian
us-based automotive start-up riffian has
launched its first all-electric pickup
truck which comes with an impressive all
electric powertrain and special features
it’s an intelligent adventure machine
with robust and rugged design featuring
as the company describes a lockable gear
tunnel that extends through the entire
width of the vehicle and provides more
than 350 liters storage area the five
passenger vehicle comes with three
powertrain options equipped with four
independent electric motors on each
wheel and the higher end version
provides a maximum 562 kilowatts power
capacity and 3500 Newton meter of
grounded torque per wheel the ability to
control the torque at the wheel and
configure the total power output to
different levels enables the owners to
steer the pickup truck like a tank which
is capable of reaching 60 miles per hour
in an incredible three seconds the
different power levels match different
choices of battery packs which can
provide a range of 230 to 400 miles on a
full charge inside it features a 15.6
inch touchscreen display
dominating the middle of the dashboard
for navigation and entertainment the
company has been working on possible
configurations of the r1t to offer
owners different options which could
result in a zero-emission camper version
of the vehicle the r1t starts at 69
thousand dollars and first deliveries
are set to begin in late 2020 we’re
going to make a comparison video of the
Rivia r1t with Tesla’s newly unveiled
cyber truck so don’t forget to subscribe
to the channel and click the bell icon
so you never miss a video
BMW that aims at electrifying 25 models
by 2023 is going to bring its next
all-electric car to market in 2020 which
will feature the fifth generation of BMW
II drive technology for the first time
this means that the BMW IX 3 which was
unveiled at the 2018 Beijing Motor Show
will feature more integrated powerful
and compact drivetrain and battery packs
with higher energy capacity the company
classifies the IX 3 as a sports activity
vehicle that comes with a 70 kilowatt
hours battery pack with an expected peak
output of 250 kilowatts and at 150
kilowatts charging capacity the BMW IX 3
which is due to go on sale next year
will be the first model produced for the
entire global market at the Chinese
production location in Shen yang
Polestar two Volvo’s performance brand
Paul star has launched its first
all-electric car which is due to come to
market in 2020 the Polestar 2 is built
on Volvo’s all-electric adaptable
compact modular architecture platform
and comes with performance oriented
design delivering a lower drag
coefficient for an enhanced aerodynamic
performance is the first vehicle that
features an android-powered infotainment
system creating a unique and responsive
customer experience the system provides
all the necessary information on the
vertically mounted 11 inch display and
offers a broad range of services and
functions using an in-car version of
Google Assistant a pair of electric
motors one on each axle that joined
forces to provide a total output of 300
kilowatts and 488 pound-feet of torque
send a vehicle from nought to 60 miles
per hour in less than five seconds
the battery has a total capacity of 78
kilowatt hours for a real-world range of
about 275 miles on a full charge dual
electric pole star 2 which has a
starting price of around $45,000 goes
into production in China to be
distributed globally from June 2020
Porsche Taikan German high-performance
premium automobile manufacturer Porsche
has finally unveiled the production
version of its highly anticipated first
all-electric car which comes with quite
stunning design and impressive
performance the tycoon’s stylish design
which is very similar to the original
mission II concept enables superior
driving dynamics with an impressive 0.22
drag coefficient the company is going to
bring both the higher end and base
versions of the tie can to market next
year they’re equipped with two permanent
magnet synchronous motors one on each
axle which can deliver a maximum power
output of 560 kilowatts and 777
pound-feet of torque enabling the higher
end version of the vehicle to hit 62
miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds and
develop a top speed of 162 miles per
a newly developed automatically
switching to speed transmission on the
rear axle provides quick acceleration
and improves efficiency at high speeds
the 90 3.4 kilowatt-hours high class
lithium-ion battery pack which Porsche
calls the performance battery plus is
based on an eight hundred volt
technology instead of the usual 400
volts for improved charging and drive
performance as a result the Taikan will
be the first production Road car capable
of charging at a maximum rate of 270
kilowatts that can deliver an 80 percent
charge in just twenty two point five
minutes the cheapest version comes with
a seventy nine point two kilowatt-hours
battery pack with a total output of 390
kilowatts and 225 kilowatts charging
Taikan models can achieve a real-world
range of 225 to 255 miles on a full
charge the sport sedan comes with a
luxury forward-thinking interior
offering innovative digital assistant
services through several touchscreen
displays and the interactive voice
assistant to access all relevant
information and control a host of
features inside and outside of the car
the Porsche Taikan will be delivered to
Europe and the US in the first half of
2020 and has a starting price of around
one hundred and four thousand dollars
id3 Volkswagen has finally launched his
first next-generation all-electric car
the id3 which is based on the company’s
new mep platform the german giant is
taking huge steps in electrifying the
car industry the automaker is investing
intensively in an all-electric platform
and has plans to convert some of their
entire gasoline-powered car production
capacity to electric vehicle production
capacity for example the speaker factory
where the id3 is being produced now is
set to be fully converted by 2022
enabling it to produce three hundred and
thirty thousand electric cars per year
the company offers three options of the
id3 electric hatchback with different
battery packs respectively offering an
impressive range of 205 to 340 miles on
a full charge the automaker will first
deliver the mid-range variant or the
first edition but the price is only
known for the basic version which costs
around $33,000 thanks to the absence of
the internal combustion engine the id3
is much roomier on the inside compared
to the company’s popular golf hatchback
and comes with intuitive user experience
and a bunch of high-tech features the
vehicle is controlled by the 10 inch
touchscreen display and touch sensitive
buttons throughout the cabin the id3
comes with Volkswagens latest driver
assist features and communicates
visually with its occupants thanks to
the completely new intelligent ID light
concept the car will start being
delivered to Europe in the middle of
mini cooper SC BMW has launched its
second all-electric car the Mini Cooper
SC electric hatchback which is slated to
arrive in the first quarter of 2020 the
vehicle shares the iconic mini design
and characteristics but comes with a
completely different powertrain based on
the BMW i3 electric powertrain with a
front-mounted electric motor that
delivers a maximum 135 kilowatt power
output and 200 pound feet of torque the
car can reach 62 miles per hour in 7.3
seconds transferring the thrill of its
agility and performance the electric
mini cooper se offers three style
options that come with their own
innovative technology and features with
the batteries energy content of thirty
two point six kilowatt hours the vehicle
can achieve a real-world range of about
140 miles on a single charge the
electric mini will be delivered to
Europe in the u.s. at the beginning of
2020 and in the US it will have a
starting price of twenty nine thousand
nine hundred dollars Peugeot 208 French
automobile manufacturer Peugeot has
launched its first all-electric
production car the e 208 the sharp and
smart looking five-door electric
hatchback offers a smooth and
instinctive driving experience the
vehicle comes with the same interior and
cargo space as its gasoline-powered
counterparts inside it features a
10-inch HD color touchscreen for the
center display and a 3d instrument panel
display for speed and battery
information the front mounted 100
kilowatt electric motor is powered by a
50 kilowatt hours battery pack for a
range of 211 miles on a full charge the
electric hatchback will arrive in early
2020 and is now available to pre-order
from Europe with a starting price of
about 34,000 dollars
the French automaker also has plans to
bring its production cars to the US and
Canada by 2023
mercedes-benz unveiled its
next-generation all-electric car under
the EQ brand at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto
Show the company intends to have more
than 10 all-electric vehicles on the
market by 2022 the compact electric
hatchback has aesthetic appeal thanks to
the light technology featuring laser
fibers the black panel at the front end
acts as a virtual radiator grille and
changes its look and color depending on
drive modes the vehicle will be equipped
with two electric motors one on each
axle for a total output of 200 kilowatts
and 370 pound-feet of torque to send the
EQA from 0 to 60 miles per hour in five
seconds with a 60 kilowatt hours highly
efficient lithium-ion battery pack it
can achieve a real-world range of more
than 200 miles on a single charge the
price and precise delivery date is not
clear but the EQA is expected to arrive
in 2020 which one of these models would
you like to be parked next to your house
in the upcoming months tell us in the
comments section below
thanks for watching and see you next

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