Neo Forza eSports NFP075 1 TB Review

Neo Forza is a relatively young manufacturer of DRAM memory modules and flash memory products. The Taiwanese company was founded in 2018 as enthusiast-focused brand

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Streaming from the laptop is a trend that is getting quite popular for many reasons. It allows you to watch content that you crave on

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Early in March, we saw that Lenovo is working on a premium tablet under the Yoga lineup and could launch one soon nearly after one

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The concept of buying new wheels using crypto has been around for quite long now. Earlier, there were some doubts about this currency, and entrepreneurs

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Some schools and parents swear by the Apple iPad, but Chromebooks have tons of appeal as go-to tech tools for school-age children thanks to significant

Klevv Bolt XR DDR4-3600 C18 2x16GB Review

Not every piece of computer memory needs to have fancy heatsinks or flashy illumination. There are still those among us that appreciate the simpler things

AMD Threadripper Pro 3995WX vs 3990X vs Ryzen 9 5950X vs i9-10900K: Fascinating Unreal Engine comparison leaves TR Pro with +6% CPU score for +37% cost over non-Pro TR

An intriguing Unreal Engine comparison featuring a whole range of high-powered processors has been carried out by Puget Systems, with the very expensive AMD Ryzen

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 could disappoint with older AMD hardware

It looks more and more likely that Microsoft’s long-awaited Surface Laptop 4 could be using an outdated AMD processor. A leaked benchmark for a computer

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If you’re used to Motorola’s Moto G smartphones being decently-specced cheap phones, you’re going to be in for a shock when you read more about

Nexvoo Nexpad Pro T530 review

According to its LinkedIn page, Nexvoo is based in Indianapolis, and are a leading global brand for video-enhanced unified communications solutions including Phones, Video Conference

Particle EtherSIM Is A Board Computer With Free Cellular Access Built-In

There’s no shortage of cheap board computers that you can use to prototype your electronic projects. They usually have all the basics, although you’ll have to connect a

AstellnKern launch USB-C Dual DAC cable to transform smartphone sound

Astell&Kern is here to rescue your mobile device from poor audio with the AK USB-C Dual DAC Cable. Well, unless you have an iOS device…

Zadak Spark RGB 1 TB Review

Zadak is a fairly young manufacturer of computer hardware—they were founded in 2015 in Taiwan. Besides SSDs, they’ve released cases, memory, and closed-loop watercoolers. All

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Like the Zebra TC26 that we previously covered, the new EC55 looks and feels like the sort of device that most people would identify as

What is AMD Smart Access Memory?

Smart Access Memory is a performance-boosting feature found inside AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series processors and Radeon 6000 series graphics cards. But, how does it work? Read on to find

Kensington StudioDock Review: An iPad dock with iMac flexibility

The iPad is a computer, at least up until you start to want treating it like one and plug in accessories and peripherals. Then, Apple’s

LG 24MP88HV-S Review

No budget monitor is perfect, and LG’s 24MP88HV-S shows some of the limitations of its low-cost kin: a small screen with modest resolution, a short

JingPad A1 Linux Tablet PC Released: 2K+ display screen, Support 5G/4G

Previously, Jingling released the Jingos system, which is the world’s first ARM-based Linux designed for tablets. We learned that now its official website shows that

Intel’s new 11th-gen Rocket Lake-S CPU: Everything you need to know

Here are the specs, pricing, launch date, performance expectations and more. Intel’s 11th-gen Rocket Lake-S is the first major rework of the company’s desktop computer

Raspberry Pi founder dismisses talk of public float

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has denied reports that it is gearing up for listing on the London Stock Exchange. The Raspberry Pi is Britain’s best-selling

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Salvage every last bit of battery life on your laptop with this tip. Closing every possible program can help you eke out more endurance when

Schenker XMG Core 15 (2021): Power Limits and TGP can be configured

The Schenker XMG Core 15 brings all modern computer games smoothly onto the responsive screen (WQHD, IPS, 165 Hz). This is complemented by an NVMe

Intel Celeron G5920 Review

Tech may improve at a fast pace, but rarely do we see noteworthy leaps in the realm of low-end computer components. This snoozy pace usually

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If you have never used a computer or recently switched from Windows, chances are you are not going to be very happy with Mac. It’s

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Running out of memory can cause performance issues. Here’s how to see how much memory is in your PC, and how fast it is. How

Fitbit Ace 3 kids tracker on the way – could launch 15 March

Leaks show new kids wearable imminent Fitbit may now be under Google’s ownership, but that’s not stopping it from launching a new update to its

AYA-NEO puts a different spin on the PC gaming handheld

By now, the idea of a handheld Windows computer is no longer novel but their implementations are still rare. The earliest models, mostly from GPD,

Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series: Best render yet

Most accurate look yet at Toyota’s new six-cylinder-only SUV flagship Late last week Instagram user Kurdistan_Automotive_Blog published spy shots of the rolling chassis and body-in-white

Fleming 85 first look: This globetrotting flagship is a mini tri-deck superyacht

Fleming has released computer renderings of its all-new flagship, the Fleming 85, which boasts a transatlantic cruising range. The first Fleming to be offered with