How to Choose a Laptop for Matlab?

Choosing a laptop is very difficult for engineers and scientists, especially when working with MATLAB software. It is one of the most popular programming languages

Revived iMac Pro would be a beast of a computer — if it exists

Leaker claims the 27-inch iMac will be replaced by the iMac Pro next year When Apple introduced a new-look 24-inch iMac with M1 chips earlier this year,

The list of top computer tools for college students

With the beginning of the academic year, the learning format slowly fades away. Students return to their classes and attend lectures on campus. Yet, technologies

Computer running slow? Use it more often

Yes, the fix could be this simple—and far less expensive than buying a new PC! Here’s a scenario that we hear often: It’s a chore

Dota 2 won’t work on your old computer, very soon

If you’re a Dota 2 player who uses an older 32-bit system, you might want to prepare to upgrade your machine. In a massive update

Banana Pi BPI-R2 Pro: Single-board computer unveiled with five RJ45 ports and a 40-pin GPIO header

The Banana Pi BPI-R2 Pro is BPI’s latest SBC, having already released the BPI-R2. The BPI-R2 Pro utilises a Rockchip RK3568 SoC, up to 4

Windows update let users know if their PC supports Windows 11

Traditionally, most computer users aren’t fast at upgrading from one version of Windows to another. While most PC users just want a machine that works

Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600 XT Eagle Review

The AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT launched on August 11, 2021, and today we have the Gigabyte RX 6600 XT Eagle. My mom had a

Recompile Review

Indie Metroidvania-style adventures aren’t exactly in short supply these days — throw a dart at Steam’s main page and you’ll probably land on one —

Acer Predator XB273U NVbmiiprzx Review

The most prolific computer display category is easily 27-inch 1440p. There are literally hundreds of examples with at least 144 Hz refresh rates and Adaptive-Sync

This massive AI chip has the compute power of a human brain

The Cerebras technology will be used to improve natural language processing models, Cerebras said. Cerebras Systems said today that the company has achieved the computational

Apple could launch a high-end Mac Mini in the coming months

The next Mac Mini could be powered by Apple’s rumoured M1X chip. The computer will launch in the next several months, according to Bloomberg’s Mark

Razer mouse software bug easily grants Windows admin privileges

Although Microsoft has been working tirelessly to remove that stigma, Windows still retains the image of an operating system that is almost too easy to

PNY Duo Link OTG review: A handy USB-C/USB-A flash drive for Android devices

We keep everything on our phones these days. While most of us do back up to the cloud, whether it be iCloud, Google, One Drive,

Shadowgun: Deadzone for PC

The graphics and gameplay in mobile action games have come a long way. Shadowgun: Deadzone is one such game that packs in high-quality graphics with

Realme Pad tablet will launch with AMOLED display

A few days ago, realme just launched its first notebook computer, realme Book, and now there is information that realme’s first tablet computer is also

Intel RealSense camera business is shutting down

Once upon a time, Intel was so big and so successful that it could afford to venture into areas and businesses that were only remotely

The best external hard drives in 2021

The best external hard drives, based on our extensive testing One of the best external hard drives kept on hand will make your digital life

LG UltraFine OLED Pro monitors: Pricey 31.5-inch model now in stock while 27-inch variant is up for special order

The new LG UltraFine OLED monitors have appeared on the pages of the popular US retailer B&H Photo. Those wanting the 31.5-inch LG UltraFine 32EP950-B

Aorus FO48U 4K OLED Gaming Monitor Review

“An OLED desktop computer monitor.” Those words are often used to describe what might be, what could be. In a monitor review, they are usually

The NAD M10 V2 is an updated just-add-speakers amp and streamer

NAD’s updated one-box solution is ready to challenge the Naim Uniti Atom Meet NAD’s newest integrated amplifier-slash-all-in-one streamer for the internet era. Like the original

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro 14ACH5 in review: 14-inch powerhouse with good battery life

Powerful. Lenovo’s mobile computer scores points with a powerful Ryzen 9 5900HX APU, 16 GB of RAM, and a bright, high-contrast 14-inch display (2880×1800 pixels,

How to install Phonto on PC

Phonto offers an easy-to-use, effective, and simple photo editor for Android users. So, what makes Phonto so amazing? First of all, Phonto can add text

The Best Webcams to Upgrade Your Video Chat

You’re still taking a lot of video calls and your computer’s built-in camera stinks. It’s time to buy an external webcam. It was virtually impossible

Panasonic Toughbook 55 MK2 refresh brings Thunderbolt 4, dual SIM support

The majority of the laptops we cover here revolve around models designed for the consumer market, whether casual computer users, gamers, or anything in between.

Blue Icepop microphone for Logitech and Astro headsets launches

There are many brands when it comes to microphones for use with your computer for audio recording. One of the more popular brands is called

Logitech Zone TWS targets the WFH market, can pair simultaneously with a phone and a PC

Logitech has developed its first set of TWS earphones targeted at the growing work from home market. The new Logitech Zone TWS earphones can also

MacBook Pro 2021: Why I’m finally replacing my 6-year-old MacBook Pro

My MacBook Pro has served me well, but I long for an upgrade Six years ago, I walked into the Apple Store as a soon-to-be

Windows 365 Cloud PC free trials exhausted in 24 hours

Microsoft is no longer offering trials of its ‘PC in the cloud’ Windows 365 service, following significant uptake from interested users. The service effectively streams

M1X MacBook Pro may still be on track for 2021 as new clues emerge

Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro models with what’ll theoretically be the new M1X chip might have just been spotted in a filing with the EEC (Eurasian