Hands on: Jide Remix Mini review

The history of alternative operating systems is littered with dead bodies from big and small companies – from the mighty IBM and the mightier Intel to smaller corpses (Lindows anyone?), there have been dozens of companies trying to break the stranglehold of Microsoft back in the day, then Google’s Android later on.


Failure to do so could vaporise tens of billions of pounds off a company’s value; Nokia and Motorola know a thing or two about that.

Now, a small company called Jide is trying to challenge both Microsoft and Google with a little operating system called Remix OS. In reality, the latter is not an entirely new venture but is, in fact, based on Google’s Android which is itself an open source project.

We came across Jide and Remix OS a few weeks ago when reviewing the Onda OBook 10 SE (check the review for a bit more background) and this time around, Gearbest sent us a sample of Jide’s very own take on the modern computer, theRemix Mini PC which is the product of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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