Pokémon Go gets a wearable AR demo, but there’s a catch

Pokémon Go fans were given a treat during the Microsoft Ignite 2021 event in the form of a demo for an immersive augmented reality Pokémon

HP Reverb G2 VR headset review

The upgraded HP Reverb G2 is an interesting VR headset that was built with support from Microsoft and Valve. As such, it’s designed to work

What is Microsoft Mesh? Holograms may be the future of remote collaboration

Microsoft has lifted the virtual lid on Mesh, which looks to be the future of holographic collaboration in remote settings. But what is Microsoft Mesh?

Surface Duo 2 could see Microsoft making big upgrades to its dual-screen smartphone

Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 has been rumored to be underway since July 2020, and the latest from the grapevine suggests that it will be a

Xbox Game Pass xCloud streaming to get 1080p, Windows support

Although it is far from conceding defeat, some have considered the shuttering of Stadia’s first-party game development studio as a moment of weakness. Naturally, its

Surface Duo 2 could finally have upgrades it needed last year

Some say that timing is everything and the Microsoft Surface Duo is perhaps a testament to that. Had it launched a year earlier than it

PlayStation Network outage hits games and social: What we know

Only a day after Microsoft fixed its Xbox outage issue, Sony is experiencing similar things with its PlayStation Network (PSN). The company’s current outage, which

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ has swappable SSDs – but Microsoft doesn’t want you to upgrade

Microsoft may have included swappable SSDs for the Surface Pro 7+, but this doesn’t mean you’re getting an upgrade any time soon – at least

How does an RTX 3080 perform inside an eGPU?

All that power over one cable. Over the past couple of months I’ve been gaming with an eGPU enclosure that had Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3080

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 leak tips 6-core AMD Ryzen CPU

Surface Laptop 4 looking to take full advantage of Ryzen A new leak suggests that the upcoming Surface Pro 4 will see a sizable power

Microsoft could team up with AMD again for the Surface Laptop 4

It’s been more than a year since the launch of Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3, and while we expected to see its successor, the Surface Laptop

Windows 10 could soon beef up its multitasking capabilities

Windows 10 could be getting a new multitasking feature to allow multiple windows to be snapped on your desktop – plus those running multi-monitor setups

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus: A business 2-in-1 that will make IT people happy

CES 2021 is just starting, but many PC companies have already announced new laptops, tablets, desktops and two-in-one PCs. Microsoft doesn’t typically introduce new computer

Ctrl+Alt+Delete: xCloud spells the end for budget gaming PCs

Imagine a world where you can play all of your favourite Xbox games on any device you wish, whether that’s a smartphone, iPad or a

Microsoft updates Surface Duo emulator with sample apps to inspire app makers

Microsoft’s latest update to the Surface Duo emulator will include new app samples to help developers bring their ideas to life. Showcasing the code and

FPS Boost uses Direct3D tweaks to deliver up to 4x higher framerates for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X

Microsoft’s FPS Boost for Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles uses Direct3D-level adjustments to deliver improved framerates, according to a new report. Digital

Microsoft announces Office 2021, solely for the cloud-averse

Microsoft has announced Office 2021, a complete version of the productivity suite designed for those who’d rather avoid a cloud-based subscription. The standalone Microsoft Office

Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i Review: Better Than The Surface?

Looking for a Surface Pro alternative despite the fact that Microsoft is now officially selling their Surface Pro in the country? You shouldn’t look further

Microsoft Office 2021 unveiled: Price, release date and more

Skip that Microsoft 365 subscription with Office 2021 Microsoft is doing its best to sway every user to a Microsoft 365 subscription for all of

Microsoft Surface Pro 8: Rumors, release date, price and what we want

What we know and what we want from the Surface Pro 8 The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is expected to arrive in fall 2021 after

Cybersecurity Services That Are Worth Investing In

Cybersecurity is the practice of defending computers and other devices from attacks. Since there’s a surge in hacks causing millions of dollars in damages, companies

The Surface Laptop 4 might be getting a swappable lid

A newly filed patent shows that Microsoft might be bringing swappable lid covers for the next Surface Laptop, making it much easier to customize your

Microsoft Surface Duo is finally getting Android 11 – but you’ll have to wait

The Microsoft Surface Duo will get an update to Android 11 sometime in the middle of 2021, according to reports from German outlet Dr Windows.

Microsoft Office for iPad update is a long time coming – here’s what’s new

iPad users can now enjoy Microsoft’s all-in-one Office app after the company launched a new version of its famed productivity suite for iPadOS devices. The

xCloud on the web preview imminent, bringing Xbox classics to iPhone

Microsoft is reportedly testing the browser-based version of its xCloud portion of Game Pass Ultimate, with a beta not too far away. The Verge has obtained screenshots of the

Microsoft xCloud web browser game streaming near public beta

The Public Beta of Microsoft’s xCloud for the web appears to be nearly ready for release. A report from The Verge today suggests that the

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ review: A giant leap in graphics performance

It’s the most potent upgrade Microsoft’s Surface Pro line has offered in years. By naming this Windows tablet the Surface Pro 7+, Microsoft mistakenly implies

11 Xbox Series X backwards compatible games we want to see

Xbox Series X is still missing a few potential backwards compatible gems The Xbox Series X has incredible backwards compatibility. Microsoft has played up this feature ever

Surface Duo Android 11 update coming just before Android 12 launch

Microsoft has had many hardware ambitions, few of which actually bore long-lasting fruits. It’s quite reasonable, then, that some were cautiously optimistic about its most

Ctrl+Alt+Delete: Why Apple needs a Surface Laptop Go rival

Apple has been killing it in the laptop space recently, with its MacBook Air M1 becoming one of best laptops you can buy. But I also think Apple’s missing