The flexible Nubia Watch is still coming to backers, despite delays

Earlier this year, ZTE subsidiary Nubia announced the eponymous Nubia Watch, a flexible smartwatch that tackled everything we’d expect from a smartwatch. It had customizable

Lime One is a compact, easy to use light meter you attach to your camera’s shoe mount

German mechatronics engineer Johannes Heberlein has launched a new photo accessory on Kickstarter, the Lime One compact hot shoe light meter. The meter has been designed to

Nubia Watch Early Review: Future Potential

Aside from cramming more sophisticated health-related sensors inside, smartwatches have pretty much remained the same in the last two or so years. Given the popularity

Meyer Optik Görlitz announces its new Lydith 30mm F3.5 II lens for full-frame, APS-C mounts

Meyer Optik Görlitz is back at it again with the release of a new prime, the Lydith 30mm F3.5 II. While it bears the same name

Nubia Watch and its flexible screen meets Kickstarter goal in an hour

Aside from putting in more senors and health-related features, it seems that innovation in the smartwatch space has practically plateaued. Screen sizes remain mostly the

Nubia Watch is the embodiment of a smartwatch vision that nobody asked for

Bendy AMOLED display smartwatch from ZTE goes live on Kickstarter A few years ago, in the days before Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch and WearOS,

Raspberry Pi: Turn the popular single-board computer into a laptop with a removable wireless keyboard and trackpad

The CrowPi2 transforms the Raspberry Pi into a compact laptop with a removable wireless keyboard and trackpad. The device, which has an 11.6-inch and 1080p

You Need the Patience of a Saint: Jollylook Instant Camera Review

Whether you’ve yet to receive your Jollylook Instant Camera — the first model — or are thinking of getting one, here are some of the things

This Is One of the Most Affordable Automatic Dive Watches Worth Buying

Branching out from its generally casual-chic lineup, New York-based indy brand Martenero has introduced its first dive watch. Not only does it feature increased water resistance,

K I Lens Kickstarter Coming To Bring Lightfield Photography To DSLRs

The K|Lens One is a new lens designed to bring Lightfield photography to Full-frame cameras, so that you can create a depth map of the

SimCam 1S security camera review: Superb AI features are the highlight of this affordable camera

Person, animal, and vehicle detection, plus facial recognition, keep you on top of happenings in and around your home. The SimCam 1S is a relative

Sirui announces 50mm F1.8 anamorphic lens for mirrorless cameras set for April release

Budget-conscious filmmakers looking for an anamorphic lens will finally be able to stop cropping the top and bottom of their movie frames next month when

New Lomography Petzval 80.5 MK II Now Also for Filmmakers

Photographers who are also filmmakers will especially be interested in the latest iteration of the Lomography Petzval lens. Been eyeing one of the Lomography Petzval lenses especially

BlackView BV9800 Pro 4G Smartphone Review: A True Rugged 48MP Camera Phone with Inbuilt Thermal Imaging Sensor

Back in October this year, the smartphone maker BlackView launched its latest rugged phone, the BlackView BV9800 Pro, on the Kickstarter crowdfunding program. Along with

Sticker-Eye Wire-Free AI Smart Home Camera review: Wire free, subscription free, and hassle free

Sticker Eye eliminates many of the bothersome aspects of camera ownership without sacrificing the security. If you’ve ever threaded a couple yards of power cable

TRIWA HUMANIUM 2.0 : This Affordable Watch Uses Metal from Salvaged Illegal Firearms

With a mission of reducing gun violence, the Swedish brand Triwa is introducing its second watch incorporating metal made from illegal firearms. Triwa aims (as

MageDok 13-inch portable USB-C monitor review

There has been a surprising rise in the number of portable USB-C monitors on the market. A number of them like Trio Pro, Vinpok, Astro,

UB+ E2 review: Spherical Hi-Fi TWS speakers best used in pairs

We get a lot of review pitches for Bluetooth speakers. Some of them are basic and mainstream and others are different. The UB+ E2 Hi-Fi

You Can Get Your Hands on This Professional Racing Drone, If You Think You Can Fly It

Companies like DJI and Parrot have brought quadcopters to the masses with consumer-grade, fully-stabilized drones that are a dream to fly. But the drones professional

This New, Affordable Automatic Watch Has a Unique Feature

Scotland seems be having a horological moment, having produced one of our favorite young watch companies, anOrdain, and now, Akura, a new brand headquartered in

Remembering the Pebble 1.0: The DNA inside modern smartwatches

How a startup innovated where so many failed There was a brief time, when wearing the original Pebble smartwatch meant sporting the hippest piece of

This iPad Pro dock turns it into the Mac hybrid you’ve always wanted

You know what the iPad Pro lacks? A truly awesome docking solution that enables owners to make use of the expanded Mac-Like capabilities and finally

Film Carrier MK1: A New Contraption for Camera Scanning 35mm Film

With digital cameras among today’s most popular methods of digitizing 35mm film, the Film Carrier MK1 is a tool to help make it easier. Camera

Unihertz Titan Blackberry clone rugged phone kickstarter, specs, features, price and more

The new Unihertz Titan Android rugged phone will start crowdfunding soon with the Super Early Bird price from $199. It comes with a robust and

Como Audio Unveils Streaming Turntable, Smart Speaker

Como Audio, the Boston-based maker of the Top Pick-designated Solo and Duetto music systems, today unveiled its first streaming turntable and announced plans to ship a

Nowa’s skinny Superbe hybrid hits Kickstarter with a square design

The French hybrid maker is back at it again Fossil and Kronaby may be the big dogs in the world of hybrid smartwatches, but Nowa’s

Alpina AlpinerX 2019 edition doesn’t miss a beat thanks to Kickstarter feedback

Baselworld 2019: Alplina’s sensor-packed hybrid now supports heart rate monitoring Last year at Baselworld, Alpina took the covers off of the AlpinerX sporty hybrid smartwatch,

Alpina’s 2019 AlpinerX hybrid gets style inspiration from Kickstarter backers

Baselworld 2019: Second-gen smartwatch now packs in a heart rate monitor Alpina has announced an update to its AlpinerX hybrid smartwatch at Baselworld, with the designs inspired

Obsbot Tail camera uses A.I. to follow the action (or a pet) for you

Trying to shoot a selfie video, but can’t stay in the frame? Want to see what your pet actually does all day? An artificially intelligent

Ticwatch E2 review : Mobvoi’s waterproof Wear watch still offers good value for money

Proper smartwatches are expensive. But if you’re in the market for one that runs on Google’s Wear OS and don’t want to break the bank,