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Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch release date, price, news and features

The Fossil Gen 6 is the company’s latest smartwatch and it includes significant upgrades – though arguably the biggest of these won’t actually be available

Windows 11: Everything new in the next big Windows update

For the first time since Microsoft unveiled Windows 10, there’s a major reason to be very excited about the future of Windows. Earlier this year,

Windows update let users know if their PC supports Windows 11

Traditionally, most computer users aren’t fast at upgrading from one version of Windows to another. While most PC users just want a machine that works

Google Assistant on KaiOS phones is losing some features

There was a time when Google planned on putting Android on feature phones, sometimes called dumb phones to contrast with the more predominant smartphone breed.

Microsoft will now allow Windows 11 to be installed on unsupported CPUs using ISO

Software giant Microsoft has announced that users of older PCs running on a lower Windows operating system can now manually upgrade their PC’s operating system

You can install Windows 11 on older PCs — but there’s a catch

Unsupported PCs can try Windows 11, but they won’t be entitled to updates. This week, Microsoft revealed that a few more CPUs had been tested

These 6 core apps will change in Windows 11

Most of the Windows apps are simply being updated to look like Windows 11. But some are receiving new features, too. Windows 11 won’t just

Can’t be bothered installing Windows 11? Just try it in your browser instead

Windows 11 is, of course, still in preview at the moment, and installing an operating system in testing is a task that most folks won’t

Windows 11 in React offers an appetizer on your web browser

Web browsers are have gotten so powerful today that you can even run some operating systems in it, at least the older and lighter ones.

Survey results predict a surprisingly positive reception to Windows 11

It’s been a few months since Windows 11 first rolled out in beta, and a new survey now finds that 53% of people might upgrade

Windows 11 release date could be announced later this week

Windows 11 could be rolling out come mid-October, and Microsoft might announce the general availability date as soon as this week, according to the latest

Windows 11 is bringing some cool new features to its most basic app…

With applications such as Paint and the Snipping Tool being redesigned for Windows 11, the Clock app has also had the same treatment, but with

Windows 11 may finally be worth upgrading to – thanks to Intel

When Microsoft announced Windows 11 at an event earlier this year, it took many of us by surprise. Windows 10, while far from perfect, is

Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs could be gaming powerhouses (eventually)

Intel has disclosed more about how Alder Lake processors will work for gamers, and as we’ve heard in the past via the rumor mill, the

Razer mouse software bug easily grants Windows admin privileges

Although Microsoft has been working tirelessly to remove that stigma, Windows still retains the image of an operating system that is almost too easy to

Google TV vs. Android TV: What’s the difference?

Everything new in Google TV, from browsing shows to smart home control With the recent launch of new TCL Google TV models as well as

Android 12: From user experience to privacy, everything known so far

The world’s most popular operating system is prepped for a refreshing overhaul and it is now close to the final release. Currently, Android 12 is

Changing your default browser in Windows 11 will be a nightmare

If you thought that Windows 10 was annoying for nagging you to use Microsoft’s Edge browser then you may want to avoid upgrading to Windows

Apple SharePlay delayed until late 2021, will skip first iOS 15 release

Apple has confirmed that the SharePlay ‘watch party’ style tech will not launch with the main iOS 15 operating system later this year, as originally

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Apple Watch Series 6: Does Android finally have its Apple Watch competitor?

While it’s not completely unheard of for an iOS user to consider buying an Android smartwatch (guilty as charged), there are some instances where you

Windows 11 has successfully avoided Windows Vista’s most costly mistake

Microsoft is positioning Windows 11 as a wholesale redesign of Windows itself, adding all sorts of flourishes and effects to the operating system. That puts

These redesigned Windows 11 apps provide a preview of the future of Windows

Microsoft today announced updates for some of the built-in apps in Windows 11. The updates themselves aren’t massive in terms of features, but keep the

This Windows 11 app deals with bloatware and fine-tunes the OS (including gaming settings)

Windows 11 is already getting some useful third-party apps – including one that ditches the new Start menu – and another fresh piece of software

Top 4 LED TVs in 2021 for Immersive Entertainment Experience

When it comes to buying a new television, there are many things to consider but if you want bright displays, you need to check out

Wear OS 3: our first impressions of the revamped OS

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Google and Samsung’s big smartwatch play The release of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 gave us our

Hands on: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic review

When the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 launched it wasn’t joined by the Watch Active 4, as we’d expected, but rather the Watch 4 Classic, which

Start11 restores old Windows Start menu

There’s an app out in beta now that allows the user to restore an older-style Start menu to Windows. This app is called Start11, and

macOS 12 Monterey: Beta 5 has been released, here’s how to get it

Get all the new features on your Mac—but back up first! The next version of the Mac operating system, macOS 12 Monterey, will officially be

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with Wear OS officially unveiled

New Samsung smartwatch launching 27 August, but there’s no love for iPhone users Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch

Android 12 is very nearly ready for the Pixel 6 and more

Android 12, the forthcoming new release of Google’s mobile operating system, is almost complete judging by the latest beta release. Android 12 beta 4 is