BMW R nineT vs. Harley-Davidson Roadster vs. Triumph Thruxton R vs. Yamaha XSR900 – COMPARISON TEST

I was raised to believe that motorcycles are an accumulation of parts. My father, a racer in every sense of the word, has built countless examples of them. He pushed every last one to their limits and, on a bad day at the track, crashed them, all without forming an emotional connection with a single one. They were parts. And easily replaceable ones at that.

four riders standing with their retro roadster motorcycles

These four motorcycles vary in terms of specification but are similar in their ability to bring a smile to your face.

What my father didn’t realize is that motorcycles can be more than that. They can be the things that light a fire inside of you—that make even the simplest commute seem special. Certain motor­cycles can stir your soul in such a way that you miss them every moment you’re not out riding them. And smile when you are. That, to us, is what heritage-inspired bikes like the BMW R nineT, Harley-DavidsonRoadster, Triumph Thruxton R, and Yamaha XSR900 are.

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