E-Bike Insurance FAQs Answered (2022 Updated)

Do E-Bikes Need Insurance?

Many e-bike riders have this question in mind whether e-bikes need insurance or not. It is the manufacturer who can give the best answer to it. Moreover, you can check the manual to get more information about your e-bike insurance. You will be surprised to know that there is no legal requirement to have cycle insurance. However, we recommend you have insurance for your benefit and safety.

One of the specific requirements for insurance is to take out a planned policy. Your electric bike must be under 25cc or lesser than 250 watts. If you live in the USA make sure you check with your state rules. Each state may have a different procedure for insurance altogether.

How Much Does E-Bike Insurance Cost?

If you want E-Bike insurance things may seem challenging at first. However, if you know the proper procedure it will become easy. The cost of e-bike insurance is not very high. It is as low as $100 per year. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the cost of insurance can different for everyone. It depends on a lot of factors that include the type and value of your e-bike.

Moreover, it involves the coverage limit on the policy and discounts that the insurance provider will offer. Unlike other types of insurance, your profile will not bring any change to your e-bike insurance.

How To Insure An E-Bike?

Are you planning to purchase a new e-bike? You can check out the wide range of the collection available at Addmotor. Similarly, if you want to get insurance for your e-bike gets in touch with a reliable insurance provider. There are a lot of insurance policies that start at $100. It just takes a few minutes to sign up and get an instant quote.

You can make your final decision depending on a few factors. Whatever type and value your e-bike boasts will help you know which insurance is suitable for your needs. When you get in touch with an insurance provider they will let you know about the procedure of getting insurance. If your e-bike is insured it will be easy to get compensation for an unfortunate happening.

Can You Add Electric Bike To Home Insurance?

There are plenty of insurance service providers that offer home content policies. It will ensure that your electric bike is standard. Some others may also allow you to add the bicycle cover to the policy. The fees will be generally lower than usual.

Do You Need Insurance For An Electric Bike In California?

Electric bikes are legally defined vehicles in California. There is no doubt that several laws apply to it. You will be surprised to know that it is considered a standard bike. Most E-bikes are used as conventional bikes. They are not considered motor vehicles according to the vehicle code.

According to the law in California, you don’t need to insure your bike for a ride. However, if you choose a certain policy it can offer coverage for an accident. You can easily get financial compensation for your accident if you have an insurance policy. It will be best to get in touch with an insurance agent and get all the details.

Will The Bike Insurance Cover Your E-Bike?

You will be delighted to know that many regular bike insurance policies also cover e-bikes. If your electric bike has a maximum power of 250 watts it can get insurance easily. Make sure that your e-bike is restricted to 15.5mph or else it may not get any insurance at all.

Moreover, someone under the age of 14 will not be allowed to ride a bike. Most special e-bike insurance policies have various clauses. It involves full coverage for the loss of battery or any other kind of damage.

What Does The Electric Bike Insurance Include?

The insurance policies can vary from one agent to the other. You can choose the policy depending on your needs and requirements. However, most of the policies cover the following:

1. Theft or Damage

The insurance policy will help cover the loss for theft or damage.

2. Accidents

Proper insurance for your electric bike will help you cover the loss of an accident. You can get full compensation depending on the amount of damage.

Some other features of the policy may cover:

1. Third-Party Liability

Due to the insurance policy, you can get coverage for legal fees and compensation claims. If your e-bike has caused an accident with a third party the court may hold you liable. However, you can get away with it if you have a proper insurance plan with you.

2. Personal Injury

Insurance will help you cover the personal injury costs.

3. Accessories Cover

The best part about keeping e-bike insurance is that you can get accessories covered. It will be easy to get compensation for replacing helmets, clothing, and other accessories.

Is It Illegal If My E-bike Exceeds 250W In California?

If you have an electric bike that exceeds 250 W it is legal to ride it. But you cannot go for a e-bike that exceed 750W. Your electric bike also does nor need to be registered or have insurance. 

Is Getting An E-Bike Insurance Worth It?

Yes, getting e-bike insurance is worth it. No doubt it can be a lifesaver. If you get into an accident or a personal injury getting full compensation will be easy. It is not necessary to get insurance to ride your electric bike. However, it will protect your electric bike against theft and damage. 

As the popularity and sales of e-bikes are increasing many thefts are reported each year. If you ride a bike without proper insurance it can be a cause of concern. It is best to protect your belongings with the best insurance policy. Get in touch with an insurance provider now.