Electric Bike VS. Motorized Bike (9 Differences)

Many people are confused about the real difference between a motorized bicycle and an electric bicycle. Both types of bikes are quite similar to each other and this is why there are some valid reasons to get confused. In general, an electric bicycle can be a great substitute for a motorized bicycle. The exact definition can differ. If you want to know about the exact difference between an electric bike and a motorized bike, then this post will be helpful for you.

Electric Bike Vs Motorized Bike

It is easy to differentiate between an electric bike and a motorized bike. You can determine the difference between both bikes with a simple assessment of how it looks and function. If you are looking for a high-quality electric bike it is best to purchase it from Addmotor. Here are some of the major differences between the two types of bikes.

  1. Electric Bikes Look Similar To Regular Bikes 

An electric bike looks very similar to any regular bike. It looks exactly like the bikes that you have learned to ride from as a kid. An e-bike comes with some general components that help in the functioning of the bicycle. It consists of pedals, a handlebar, gears, and a bike frame. It is different from a motorbike due to its electric part of the setup. The control system for the motor is different as well.

  1. Battery 

There is a major difference between the battery of an electric bike and a motorized bike. The electric bike batteries range between 250 and 750 watts. They put out about 20 to 50 volts and 10 to 20 amps. These bikes use lithium batteries, that last longer and also charge faster than lead-acid batteries. The motorized bikes come with a battery that powers the bike’s motor. It gives you an extra boost while riding the bike.

  1. Motor 

The main difference between an electric bike and a motorized bike is the motor. A motorized bike comes with a motor situated in the middle of the bike. The motor interacts with the gears of the bike and helps you to move the bike easily. The bikers are switching to e-bikes because the motor equipped in the e-bikes moves towards mid-drive easily. Bikes with such motors are an ideal choice for people that have minor disabilities. The rear hub functions well in the control system and doesn’t depend on the operator input. The bike functions because it is equipped with a premium quality motor.

  1. Weight 

There is a major difference in the weight of both bikes. A motorized bike is heavier and can be hard to move. Electric bikes are lightweight they are combustion-powered. The e-bike allows you to drive without any physical effort. Motorized bikes can weigh hundreds of pounds, and this could make it impossible for you to power with your feet. The motorized bicycle is classified as a moped bike that functions depending on the speed and power of the engine. Some countries in the world also require insurance, license, and registration to use motorized bicycles.

  1. Engine 

A motorized bicycle comes with a gas or electric engine. The engine used is determined by the speed, power of the engine, and the state it is used in. Electric bikes use engines that translate electrical energy into mechanical energy. E-bikes use brushless engines to function.

  1. Registration and Insurance 

A motorized bicycle requires a driver’s license, registration, and insurance. This is not the case with an electric bicycle. Electric bicycles do not require registration and a driver’s license. 

  1. Pedals 

Electric bikes are designed with high-quality pedals which makes it easier for you to ride them. If you want to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing ride, then choosing an e-bike could be the perfect choice for you. The bikes also come with a throttle mode form which is an ideal choice for disabled people. When it comes to motorized bikes they come with no pedals. This is why these bikes don’t provide a lot of physical exertion. If you are looking to lose some weight, then it is best to go for an electric bike. The motorized bikes have no pedals and this can lead to less physical exertion.

  1. Transportation Paths 

An electric bike allows you to travel on bike lanes and paths easily. You can also ride the bike in parks and inside your yard. The transportation department allows the riders to ride the bike on any kind of path if they are under 750 watts. It is important to consider this factor while riding an e-bike as this will help you to buy the best suitable e-bike for yourself. Motorized bikes can travel on bike lanes, and you cannot ride them on sidewalks and parking areas. If you are looking for a bike for recreational activities, then it is recommended to buy an e-bike. It will allow you to take the bike anywhere you want to without any trouble.

  1. Speed 

The speed of electric and motorized bikes differs a lot when it comes to speed. Electric bikes are limited to a speed of 20MPH. This speed is applicable without pedaling. Motorized bikes are generally allowed to have a top speed of 30MPH. If you love riding bikes at a high speed, then you should opt for a motorized bike. However, if you are looking for a bike to travel casually on all types of roads then buying an electric bike could be the best bet.


Both electric bikes and motorized bikes have gained a lot of popularity. Both these bikes come with great features and satisfy your transportation needs. Many people are unable to differentiate the difference between an electric bike and a motorized bike. Both of the bikes are similar but there are also different in many ways. We have listed down all the major differences between an electric bike and a motorized bike. You can buy top-rated and high-quality electric bikes from Addmotor and satisfy your transportation needs.