Microsoft Surface Dock Review : Turn Surface Into a Desktop

The Microsoft Surface Dock turns your Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book into a desktop system. Plug all of your peripherals into your Surface Pro 4 or Surface book quickly with one connection. How well does it handle all those connections and is it worth the price for the convenience it offers?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 does the best job of transforming between a laptop and a tablet. It’s fairly light and portable, but large enough to use like an ultra-portable notebook. The Surface Type Cover keyboard feels good and the touch screen on the Surface Pro 4 makes up for the terrible trackpad included in the Type Cover.

microsoft surface dock connected to surface 2

A Surface Dock can transform the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book into the most versatile Windows computer available. The tablet surprises many users with the level of computing power included in the Surface Pro 4. The processor, memory, and storage can handle almost all of your Windows computing needs. However, some people may want a larger 22-40 inch screen and a desktop class keyboard and/or mouse. Wi-Fi’s great, but some people also need wired networking on occasion. They might also like to connect a few USB peripherals, like a printer, a backup hard drive or more. That’s why the Microsoft Surface Dock ($199.99) makes sense.

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