Yuneec Typhoon H Drone Review

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If you are serious about taking high-quality airborne video, you need a drone that offers serious quality and flexibility. The Typhoon H is the latest model from Yuneec for the high-end drone user, shooting very high quality 4K video and offering a lot of features. Relatively quiet operation, a 360-degree pannable camera and a big-screen HD video preview are among the features on offer in this attractive package.


Looking like a matte black flying insect, the Typhoon H is a large, but lightweight drone. It uses six engines to fly, two more than the usual quadcopter, with the idea being that more engines means more control. Each of the six engines is on the end of a 9-inch carbon fiber arm that folds up when not in use, making the hexacopter smaller and easier to store. When you want to fly, the arms fold up and lock in place.

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