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Despite obvious handicaps, Apple’s M1-based MacBooks delivered a laudable performance in a head-to-head against the latest performance workhorses from AMD. The tests were performed by

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Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Air runs The Witcher 3 using CrossOver

Despite the benchmarks showing how Apple’s first-ever Silicon beat 2016 desktop graphics cards, some might still unconvinced about the late 2020 Macs’ ability to play


The Mac mini has always been Apple’s most flexible desktop computer. Sure, most people go for the traditional experience and plug in a display, mouse,

2020 Falcon Northwest Talon Review

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Today the Apple M1 chip was revealed as the first Apple Silicon for Mac. This desktop chip will work with unified memory architecture, an integrated

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AMD Ryzen 7 5700U spotted in a new Acer Aspire laptop

AMD launched its latest generation of Ryzen 5000 desktop CPUs (computer processing unit) in November 2020, with mobile counterparts for laptops expected sometime in 2021.

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Best known for its high-performance aftermarket parts, Corsair also has its own line of PCs. The $2,799 Vengeance i7200 is its latest, a mid-tower 4K

Arm Cortex-A78C CPU aims for always-on laptops

Arm’s CPU designs and technologies practically power a large chunk of the computers in the world, from the ones we put in our pockets to