Hands on: Samsung HMD Odyssey review

Samsung is the latest to join the Windows Mixed Reality (MR) milieu with the Samsung HMD Odyssey, essentially a virtual reality (VR) headset running Windows 10. Microsoft – and a digitally-rendered Samsung executive – showed off the new head-mounted display (HMD) at a press event in San Francisco.

Samsung’s new headset is the most expensive in the Windows MR family, coming in at $499 (about £377, AU$635). But, it’s the only one to include built-in headphones with spatial audio, and it will also ship with two motion controllers when it releases on November 6.

Because of the headphones, paired controllers and the headset’s outstanding visuals, the Samsung HMD Odyssey is the most complete device in the Windows MR family. We tried the Odyssey, Acer Mixed Reality Head-Mounted Display and the Dell Visor at Microsoft’s press event (Asus, Lenovo and HP are also releasing Windows MR headsets), and Samsung’s stood head-and-shoulders above the Visor and just edged out Acer’s offering.

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