Sony XE70 Series (KD-55XE7002) review

At just £649, the 55XE70 – the middle child of Sony’s all-new XE70 Series – is the most affordable 4K HDR 55-inch TV in Sony’s 2017 range.

This makes it a potentially mouthwatering proposition given the impressive performance of every other Sony TV we’ve tested this year.

Its price includes a solid smart system, too – though, it’s worth pointing out that you don’t get the Android TV platform featured on more expensive Sony TVs.

There are some good things about the 55XE70’s pictures but, if you’re serious about HDR, you’d be advised to try and increase your budget a bit.


The 55XE70 might feel like it should for the price, but it doesn’t look it: By which we mean that its lightweight build feels almost 100% plastic when you’re setting it up, yet you don’t really feel aware of this flimsiness when looking at its angular, minimalistic design from a typical viewing distance.

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