Windows 10

How to buy cheap and genuine Microsoft software? Windows 10 as low as $7.43!

Because Windows 11 has higher requirements for computer configuration, Windows 10 is still a good choice. Windows 10 is better in terms of interface, performance,

How to upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10

Here’s how to update to Windows 11 Windows 11 launched on October 5 as a free update for anyone with Windows 7 and above. So long

7 game-changing Windows 10 and Windows 11 hidden features you should be using

Supercharge your Windows 11 PC experience with these seven hidden features If you’re a Windows user, you probably already know your way around the operating

Windows 11 review: An unnecessary replacement for Windows 10

Windows 11 contains some good ideas. But it also feels like Microsoft made some fundamental changes to Windows for no good reason. Windows 11 doesn’t

Windows 10 just got an awesome new feature for Xbox owners

Microsoft has made a big change for Xbox owners who might want to play console games directly on their PC, with the ability to Remote

Windows 11 could get a lot more popups – but hopefully Microsoft has learned from Windows 10’s mistakes

Windows 11 could witness the introduction of a bunch more popups, although this is just what we’re seeing in testing for the OS right now,

Why Windows 11 is more than just a Windows 10 reskin

Windows 11 is, for the most part, a visual update to Windows 10. It’s the same operating system under the hood, just with new features

When will Microsoft stop supporting Windows 10?

With the Windows 11’s launch date getting closer each day, Microsoft Windows 10’s time in the sun is coming to a close and security and

Microsoft warns select Windows 11 beta testers to move back to Windows 10 now

Microsoft is sending a warning out to those who managed to beta test Windows 11 on unsupported hardware. It is now time to go back

I downgraded from Windows 11 to Windows 10, and I don’t plan on going back

Microsoft just announced that Windows 11 is around the corner. The rollout is set to begin on October 5, with eligible PCs receiving a notification

Microsoft is telling some Windows 11 Insiders to reinstall Windows 10

Despite the fact that its release is fairly imminent, Microsoft is now encouraging inside users to uninstall Windows 11 and reinstall Windows 10. Windows 11

Microsoft is pushing some Windows 11 users back to Windows 10

Now that Microsoft has announced the Windows 11 operating system will officially launch on October 5 this year, we were hoping that the lofty system requirements to run it

Windows 11 will launch on October 5

The start of an exciting fall for PC users. It’s official: Windows 11 will be released on October 5. “On this day, the free upgrade

Microsoft confirms Windows 11 will launch in October

Microsoft has today announced that Windows 11 will be available from 5 October 2021. From this date, Windows 11 will start rolling out to all

Windows 11 general availability and free update set to start on October 5

Windows 11 is hitting general availability on October 5, 2021. After months of beta testing with Windows Insiders, this is the date that the free

Windows 11: Everything new in the next big Windows update

For the first time since Microsoft unveiled Windows 10, there’s a major reason to be very excited about the future of Windows. Earlier this year,

GPD Win Max 2021 Handheld Gaming Laptop Review: Ryzen 7 Slower Than Core i7

For gaming, Intel is faster where it matters. The Win Max sounds great on paper and its portable form factor is attractive for handheld gaming,

Windows 10 will soon tell you whether your PC is ready for Windows 11

Windows 10 testers are now being notified of whether their PC is compatible for an upgrade to Windows 11. Currently, to check whether they’re eligible

Chuwi Hi10 Go 2-in-1 Windows tablet review

Like Marmite, 2-in-1 convertible tablets in a 10.1-inch form factor can be divisive. They are the most compact way to run WIndows 10 (and soon

Xbox Cloud Streaming heads to Xbox One, Xbox Series X this year

We’ve seen Xbox Cloud Gaming – a perk given to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers – spread to new platforms in recent months. After getting

Windows 11 may finally be worth upgrading to – thanks to Intel

When Microsoft announced Windows 11 at an event earlier this year, it took many of us by surprise. Windows 10, while far from perfect, is

Trying out Windows 11 ahead of release just got a bit easier

The upcoming Windows 11 may just have become a whole lot more accessible for Windows Insiders. Microsoft has released the ISO image files for Windows

Changing your default browser in Windows 11 will be a nightmare

If you thought that Windows 10 was annoying for nagging you to use Microsoft’s Edge browser then you may want to avoid upgrading to Windows

New Windows 10 update breaks one of its most useful features for some users – what’s going on?

A new Windows 10 update appears to be breaking a major feature for some users, with the handy Alt-Tab function seemingly not working. As Windows

ALLDOCUBE iWork 20 released with 10.1-inch tablet at just $274

Chinese PC / tablet maker ALLDOCUBE has released the Windows 10 2in1 tablet PC “ALLDOCUBE iWork 20” with a self-supporting 10.1-inch display with a kickstand

Asus Laptop L410 (L410MA-DB02) Review

The Asus Laptop L410 is the one of the true super-affordable Windows 10 systems, even by the standards of other budget laptops. We consider budget

How to install Phonto on PC

Phonto offers an easy-to-use, effective, and simple photo editor for Android users. So, what makes Phonto so amazing? First of all, Phonto can add text

Hate the Windows 11 Start menu? There’s already an app to change it

Windows 11 has made sure users can’t switch away from the new centrally-aligned Start menu – recently blocking a workaround which did just that –

How to enable the blue light filter in Windows 10

You can keep it on for continuous blockage, or instead choose to limit the filter to specific hours. We’ve all read the reports: Blue light

CHUWI LarkBook X Announced; Supports 2K Touch Screen

The Chuwi brand announced the upcoming premiere of a new laptop, the Chuwi LarkBook X model. This is an improved version of the Chuwi LarkBook, which debuted