Next iPad Pros might feature LG mini-LED displays

TV screen technologies are coming to mobile computers in more ways than one. Last year saw Samsung’s launch of the first QLED screen on a laptop and this year might see the first mini-LED display on a tablet. That will come via Apple’s new iPad Pros that are expected to debut later this year, utilizing LG’s expertise and resources to upgrade what is already touted to be one of the finest tablets screens in the market.

Although they all use Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs, mini-LED isn’t to be confused with the more commonly advertised OLED screens used on phones. Screens with mini-LEDs still use an LCD panel at the very top with LEDs providing the backlighting. mini-LEDs offer smaller LEDs that conventional LED-backlit LCD screens, allowing more LED chips to be crammed and, therefore, give the device manufacturer more fine-grained control over the brightness of certain areas, resulting in brighter colors and darker blacks than a traditional LCD screen.

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