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LG has revealed its soundbar range for 2021, but what are the differences between each model? We’ve gone through each one to explain the details.

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LG 2021 soundbar lineup: everything you need to know

LG’s complete 2021 soundbar range explained Back in January, LG announced a suite of eight soundbars to go with its new OLED Evo and QNED TVs for 2021.

LG V70 ThinQ rumoured specifications leak with a 120 Hz display, a 5,300 mAh battery and 45 W charging

Previous leaks have already shown the V70 ThinQ to have a Snapdragon 888 and 8 GB of RAM, but a new report alleges that the

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Despite the statement by LG to discontinue smartphones unannounced gadget brand recently appeared on the Geekbench. And judging by the test results, we are talking

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LG’s C-series model has been the go-to pick of its OLED range for several years. It has always been the most affordable model with the

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Got $100 grand lying around? The LG rollable TV could be yours LG’s incredible rollable TV is now (sort of) available to buy in the U.S.,

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LG is taking orders for the 2021 OLED R rollable TV

A report has surfaced that LG Electronics has begun quietly taking orders from the wealthy for one of the most expensive TVs it’s ever produced,

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LG recently announced that it is getting out of the smartphone business, and soon after it reassured its existing customers that it will continue to

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LG has been struggling lately to push out Android updates even to its most recent phones but that was apparently just the symptom and not

Android 11 update rolling out for LG Velvet 5G on Verizon’s network

LG, the smartphone maker, is no more. But for concerned folks who spent hundreds of dollars on LG-branded phones, the company has promised that its

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Samsung’s marketing team has really got its work cut out You’ve probably seen the news that Samsung is expected to launch a range of QD-OLED TVs in

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LG recently announced that it will be leaving its mobile business behind this year, with July 31 marking the end of LG phones. The decision to

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LG has confirmed – as expected – that the LG Rollable concept will not be developed as a consumer product. Following the announcement the Korean

LG Rollable, Rainbow photos pop up now that they’re canceled

The week’s biggest and perhaps saddest news for the mobile industry is LG’s acceptance of defeat in the smartphone rat race. In addition to questions

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Our LG UN7000 review goes over the performance and capabilities of this entry-level budget TV. It comes in a variety of sizes starting from 43

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Get ready to pour one out: rumor has it that LG will finally announce that it’s leaving the phones business entirely in the coming days.

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