2021 Kia Sedona teases SUV style with minivan practicality

The next-generation 2021 Kia Sedona has been teased, and if you’ve been complaining about having to drive a minivan this new look could bring you back onboard. In quite the departure from the current Sedona, this new model – known as the Kia Carnival in South Korea – borrows hints of SUV to leave it looking more purposeful.

It’s fair to say that minivans haven’t exactly got the most upbeat reputation these days. Although practical, typically offering 7 or 8 seat configurations along with plenty of family-friendly cargo areas, boxes, and bins, that prioritization of function over form can leave them looking, well, drearily van-like.

That’s one reason SUVs have been stealing minivan market share, as the idea of an off-road lifestyle – even if the actual lifestyle doesn’t quite live up to the concept – is more palatable.

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