Toshiba 58U2963DB Review

If you’re looking for a big-screen 4K HDR TV on a budget, you should consider the Toshiba U29 The Toshiba 58U2963DB is the TV brand’s

Samsung Unveils Terrace Outdoor 4K TV and Soundbar

Sure, we’ve been home for the past few months, and some of us are just starting to make our first tentative forays into the outside

Samsung’s new Terrace 4K QLED TV is designed for the great outdoors

The first outdoor TV from Samsung boasts an IP55 rating and up to 2,000 nits of brightness. A matching soundbar is on the way, too.

Sony’s new ZH8 8K TVs are (almost) affordable by 8K standards

Sony has revealed the prices of its ZH8 8K TV range, and they are cheaper than you might have first expected. Leaked earlier in the

Samsung QE55Q80T review

Samsung has rather made a mess of the naming structure of its 2020 TVs, so the TV you’re looking at may not be the replacement

OnePlus apologises for turning off the OnePlus 8 Pro’s coolest feature

The much-talked-about ‘X-ray’ mode on the OnePlus 8 Pro has caused quite a stir. The camera filter gives users X-ray vision, to some extent, and

Sony confirms XH90 TV prices and next-gen 4K 120fps support

Sony has revealed prices and a launch date for the XH90 4K TV, alongside the TV’s support for 4K 120fps on next-gen consoles Sony has

Sony KD-49XH9505 review

In recent years, Sony has put more effort into delivering a high-end 49in set than most of its rivals, and has been rewarded with What Hi-Fi? Awards

AUZAI 15.6 Full HD Portable Monitor Review

Screens are a part of our lives; phones, tv, monitors, etc. and we love them even more if they are big. So if I tell

17 best AV upgrades on a budget

Give your screen and sound performance a boost A new TV, home cinema speaker package and a 4K projector are all things of beauty but

Toshiba launches the UK’s first hands-free Alexa TV

No need to place your paws on the remote, Toshiba’s new WK3 range is the first to have far-field microphones embedded in the bezel so

Should I buy a TCL TV? A look at one of the fastest growing TV brands

Should you buy a TCL TV? If you’re shopping for your next television, and are trying to choose between the various budget TV brands out

Samsung’s 2020 QLED TV range now on sale

In case you missed it, Samsung’s QLED TV range for 2020 is now available to buy from retailers Samsung’s new QLED TV range is the

Sony X800H 4K UHD TV review: This 65-inch TV has a great feature set for the price

This Android TV offers outstanding motion compensation, plus an updated user interface and a redesigned remote. In the debit column: weak black levels. Sony’s new

LG NANO90 4K NanoCell TV review

LG has, quite justifiably, been enjoying the fruits of its OLED screen labours for a good few years now. It’s been graciously receiving the plaudits,

Sony’s A8 4K OLED range is now available to buy

It’s the turn of Sony’s new A8 OLED range as prices and availability have been announced. Sony has announced its A8 OLED range is now

Cello C43FVP Netgem TV Review

A 43-inch TV with Netgem smarts for less than £300 sounds like a bargain. But there’s a catch The Cello C43FVP is a 43-inch LCD

Sonos Five updates Play:5 with cleaner look and S2 software

Sonos has updated its flagship speaker, with the new Sonos Five replacing the old Play:5. Now effectively the third-generation of the multi-room speaker, the new

Nvidia GeForce Now: Which games can you stream?

Nvidia GeForce Now is an innovative game streaming service that gives gamers the chance to play their Steam or Epic Games libraries anywhere, on any

Samsung Q80T QLED TV review

The Samsung Q80T QLED TV is the new jumping-on point if you want the cheapest full array backlight QLED TV in the brand’s 2020 line-up.

Star Wars Canon Timeline: An ordered guide to the films, TV shows and games

It’s May 4, you’ve got a Disney Plus subscription, some spare time, and you’re in the mood for Star Wars. But where do you start,

K10 TV Box Review – 8K Android TV Box (4GB/32GB)

Are you looking for a device integrating various entertainment activities to enrich your visual and hearing experience at home? Introducing the K10 TV Box, which provides

The E9 OLED was one of LG’s best TVs – so where did it go?

There are plenty of good-looking OLED TVs around these days, and few look better than those put out by LG. The South Korean TV maker


A miracle of industrial design What is the LG GX? The LG GX is the latest high-end OLED 4K TV from the manufacturer, and uses

Samsung 8K QLED TVs aren’t a “photobiological LED hazard”

New safety certifications for Samsung’s 2020 QLED lineup confirm that light emitted from the 8K and 4K TVs pose no photobiological hazard to users. Samsung

Should you buy a Hisense TV?

Cheap prices could mean big bargains If you’re after a bargain TV, Hisense TVs are likely to appear in your search. Delivering more affordable options

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex α is probably just around the corner

Samsung is perhaps best known for its smartphones primarily and its TVs second but it also has its hands inside many consumer electronics cookie jars.

Nvidia GeForce Now: Google Stadia rival suffers another blow

Nvidia GeForce Now is a new cloud-streaming service that allows access to some of the latest video games without the need of a games console

LG OLED65GX review

LG’s 2020 OLED TV range gets off to a superb start In our world, few things are more exciting than the arrival of the year’s

Sony’s flagship XH95 4K TV is now on sale

After announcing prices for its mid- to lower range TVs a few weeks back, Sony has announced the pricing for its flagship XH95 4K HDR