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In my reviews, soundbars that include subwoofers often sound better than standalone soundbars with no subs, for one obvious reason: more bass. The subwoofer adds

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Even without an Oxbridge education, the Humax Aura PVR has managed to achieve a double first. It’s the first Freeview set-top box from Humax to

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Google has confirmed the annual Google I/O event will return with a fully virtual event from May 18-20. The company is expected to pull back

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Remember the day you took your first long ride on your very first motorcycle? The weather was TV-commercial sunny as you rolled down the two-lane

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Panasonic 2021 TV lineup: everything you need to know

More Professional Edition models, 48-inch OLEDs, HDR10+ Adaptive, Android TV and more… Having announced its new flagship OLED, the JZ2000, at CES back in January,

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Our LG UN7000 review goes over the performance and capabilities of this entry-level budget TV. It comes in a variety of sizes starting from 43

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Part of the reason the Nintendo Switch is so popular is due to the fact you can hook it up to your TV or take

Samsung’s QD-OLEDs could be coming to steal LG’s OLED thunder

Back when OLED displays were less of a known quantity, Samsung’s curved KN55S9C was its first and only attempt at an OLED TV. Suffice to say the

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The Samsung Q65T/Q60T (QE55Q65T) is the entry-level QLED in the South Korean’s 2020 UK TV lineup. You may ask why we’re reviewing a 2020 TV

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Ushering in a new era in television technology, Samsung’s Mini LED-sporting QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV offers stunning picture quality, exceptional color and brightness, terrific

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Here’s what Apple needs to do The Apple TV 2021 is expected to arrive at the Apple April event, but we don’t quite know how Apple will market


The budget model to watch What is the LG BX? The LG BX is the company’s latest entry-level 4K OLED TV and comes in 55-and

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Spacebase Startopia, by all accounts, should be the ideal game for me. It’s a sci-fi based title and a management simulator, two things that I’m

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Another PlayStation exclusive game is getting a movie adaptation

One of the last big hits of the PS4 era, the PlayStation-exclusive Ghost of Tsushima,is being adapted for the big screen with the director of John

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Hisense has launched its new 120-inch L5F Laser Cinema, a home entertainment laser projector and ambient light-rejecting screen for a theater-like experience in your living

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Google really wants you to give Stadia a whirl. The internet is ready for Resident Evil: Village, the next game in the iconic horror series,

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Another week has come and gone and we’ve been privy to some pretty big stories in the world of tech, so it’s time to boil

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Hisense is bringing an even bigger cinema experience to your home with its new L5F Series Laser Cinema. It comes with 4K color range, built-in

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Get the scoop on every TV LG is offering in 2021, from premium OLED to budget-friendly 4K smart TVs. As one of the leading brands