iPhone Digital Key: If the battery dies you have 5 hours to unlock your car

Apple’s Digital Key system will keep working even after the iPhone’s battery runs out, though users will only have a few hours to get back to their vehicle. While only one car was confirmed during the streaming WWDC 2020 keynote today with Digital Key support today, in fact there are a lot more to look forward to – and some provisos to the system.

Digital Key builds on the NFC access system we’ve seen used from some automakers in recent years, bypassing traditional keys and instead using fobs or keycards. Introduced alongside iOS 14, the system allows an iPhone to unlock the vehicle’s doors and start the ignition.

It also enables easier key sharing and driver controls. Up to five contacts can be granted access through iMessage, and each Digital Key can come with preconfigured options that apply limits for things like top speed, total available horsepower, maximum radio volume, traction control settings, and more, model depending.

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