Which Console is the Better One for Gamers, Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X?

Ever since the original Xbox was created back in 2001 as a competitor to the PlayStation 2, there has been a bit of a rivalry brewing between the companies Sony and Microsoft on developing the best gaming system. Both have their newest model on the shelves in the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X so today, we are going to dive into both consoles and figure out once and for all which one is better!

One thing you are able to do on both is watching some eSports action and get involved in some League of Legends betting. Now without further ado,  let’s begin diving into both consoles. 

Exclusive Games 

One of the more important things that can often get overlooked in these discussions are the exclusive games available for each system. Each company has games that you are unable to play on the opposition’s console so this is important.

Playstation has some incredible exclusive games such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Final Fantasy 23, and Spider-Man 2 to name a few. I want to highlight the latter as Spider-Man is one of the more entertaining games you can play and now with the two Spider-Men sharing one game in Peter Parker and Miles Morales with only a teaser trailer as of this writing, it can be incredibly fun for all players. 

The ability to have a company behind it that creates movies as well is definitely a big plus for their potential exclusives.

As you look around for League of Legends bets, be on the lookout also for the Xbox exclusive games. There are a lot of fun games such as Fable, Forza Motorsport, Halo Infinite, Gears 5, and Hello Neighbor 2. The Gears of War franchise as well as the Halo are two incredible series that are really great and having two of the best gaming franchises in the shooting genre is something that makes Xbox get the edge in this portion.

Virtual Reality

The Playstation really takes the cake in terms of their PSVR 2, which is an update to the original PSVR. This is definitely a big difference in the ability of Xbox Series X, which does not have the VR aspect on its current system and Xbox has struggled with it in the past. This is going to make the ability to immerse in the world of some games even better and is a significant improvement as the other system does not even have this available right now.

PS Plus vs Xbox Game Pass

Playstation knew it had an issue with their PS Plus system as PlayStation has a few different tiers that they do. First is the PlayStation Plus Essential which gives users a few monthly games. PlayStation Plus Extra has a more expansive library of games at a user’s disposal. PlayStation Plus Premium is going to have more than 300 PS1, PS3, PSP Classic, and PS3 remastered titles available to play at any time. 

Xbox Game Pass was something Microsoft developed and includes having EA and Bethesda games on the service, as well as their originals. The Xbox library seems to be more expansive and the best part of the service is the ability to play some games the first day the game is released and avoid paying for the full game by paying a subscription service to have it available to you. 

PlayStation does not have that feature available and that is also another big plus on Microsoft’s side. 

The Verdict

With the two systems being released within a calendar year of one another, there is not many differences in terms of the specs of each one. This really depends on the gamer that you want to be and which exclusive titles you like more, but it definitely seems that Xbox Series X has a few better features than the PlayStation 5 is currently offering. 

So while you’re browsing LoL bets online, browse the system you are planning on getting in the near future to prove it is the supreme console. Or do you already have the best?