Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X: Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new console

Gamers are eagerly awaiting the next generation of consoles and, so far, Microsoft has offered a lot more information on their machine – the Xbox

The PS4’s popularity has spiked ahead of the PS5’s arrival

Console sales are surging, with millions of people locked up at home, trying to entertain themselves. Current-gen consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One have

Xbox Series X pad still supports AA batteries, Microsoft explains why

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X will offer bleeding-edge graphical and processing power, but within the controller, there’s tech that’s been around for more than a century.

Will Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X release dates be delayed?

New-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles only come around once every seven years or so, so those release dates are forever enshrined in gaming history. Given

Xbox Series X release delay unlikely as Microsoft gets supply chain ‘back on rails’

The Xbox Series X is due for release in late 2020 but, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been rumors that the next Xbox’s

AMD Navi 2X: Big Navi graphics cards rumoured for October launch

AMD Navi 2X has been confirmed as the next-generation of Radeon graphics cards, and will be capable of ray tracing and resolutions up to 4K. 

PS5 vs Xbox Series X: does the most powerful console always win?

This week, we finally learned what the PS5 specs and Xbox Series X specs are. These are early days for both consoles, but our expert’s

This is how much it’ll cost to build a gaming PC with the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s specs

We finally know the specs of both the Xbox Series X and PS5 (even if we still don’t know what the latter looks like). We’ve taken a shot at

The Xbox Series X will be the go-to console for HDR gaming – here’s why

If you’re a fan of HDR gaming (and why wouldn’t you be?), the Xbox Series X is shaping up to be the console of choice

Xbox Series X: 5 things you need to know

Let battle commence! With both Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5 next-gen consoles having bared their innards, we’re now much closer to knowing

DirectX 12 Ultimate unifies ray tracing, speed-boosting graphics tricks across PCs and Xbox

“DX12 Ultimate serves as a force multiplier for the entire gaming ecosystem.” Microsoft has announced DirectX 12 Ultimate, a new version of the graphics technology

Xbox Series X vs PS5: The next-gen gaming battle begins here

Get ready for an all-new next-generation console war – PlayStation and Xbox are both set to go head-to-head once again. They each have new machines

Xbox Series X release date was officially revealed – and then not

Microsoft has seeming revealed the Xbox Series X will go on sale on or around November 26 this year, finally giving gamers a date to

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X before release: So close it’s ridiculous

Is the PlayStation 5 more powerful than the Xbox Series X? Will the Xbox Series X out-perform the PlayStation 5? Based on the specs revealed

Full PlayStation 5 specs revealed

As promised, Sony is currently hosting a deep dive into the PlayStation 5’s hardware, featuring none other than PS5 system architect Mark Cerny. This is

What is ray tracing? The PS5 and Xbox Series X feature explained

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are both confirmed to feature the exciting new hardware-accelerated ray tracing technology, but those not engrossed with PC gaming

What I want to see from Sony’s PS5 deep dive

Microsoft started the week off with a bang by giving the Xbox Series X a full reveal on Monday. Sony seems primed and ready to

Xbox Series X specs: everything you need to know

The Xbox Series X specs have now been revealed, and we’ve taken a deep dive into the specs to see what they mean for gamers.

Xbox Series X specs revealed by Microsoft: Your move, PS5

Xbox Series X specs are here! Yes, we know what that port is Xbox Series X specs have been finally revealed by none other than Microsoft

6 things we found out about Xbox Series X today

Today was a big day for Xbox fans, as Microsoft detailed the Xbox Series X in full. A lot of information came down the pipeline

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X probably puts your gaming PC to shame: Full specs revealed

Microsoft’s next-gen console is a beast Microsoft fully pulled back the curtain on the hardware powering the Xbox Series X on Monday, going deep in

Xbox Series X full specs confirmed: Next-gen speed and storage

Microsoft has dropped the full specifications of the Xbox Series X, its next-generation console, and it’s shaping up to be a powerhouse machine. “The next

Microsoft’s big reveal – The Xbox Series X specs list just landed in full

Microsoft has been drip-feeding information regarding its next generation console, the Xbox Series X, for a while now. Today, the dam burst and that drip

NZXT’s Xbox Series X lookalike makes small-form-factor builds a snap

In the H1, NZXT eliminates the major headaches of building a tiny PC. Building in a small-form-factor case can be a royal pain. Unlike with

Microsoft to reveal more Xbox Series X details next week

Microsoft is planning to reveal more details about the Xbox Series X during a series of live stream events next week, which seems to be

Rumour suggests we’ll see first Xbox Series X gameplay tonight – we’re not convinced

A new rumour has surfaced suggesting we’ll see our first Xbox Series X gameplay demo tonight during AMD’s Financial Analyst Day presentation.  A post on Reddit claims

Nvidia’s next-generation GPUs could destroy Xbox Series X if leaks are true

Nvidia’s Turing-based RTX GPUs are some of the most powerful you can get your hands on today, but the next-generation is on its way. It

A massive Nvidia graphics card just leaked, could it be the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080?

With Microsoft announcing the Xbox Series X’s specs and placing emphasis on its 12 teraflops performance, it seems like everyone is paying attention to teraflops.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X: will it be worth the upgrade?

Xbox One X vs Xbox Series X: should you make the upgrade? More details are emerging from Microsoft on the next Xbox, the Xbox Series

Xbox Series X: Everything we know about the upcoming next-gen console

The release of the Xbox Series X is getting closer and closer, with the new console due “holiday 2020”. Now, we’ve finally got some spec