VOYO VBook i3 Review: Best Alternative to Microsoft Surface Under $350

There is no shortage of 2-in-1 Tablet PC out there and now we have popular Chinese manufacturer VOYO in the market with their own 2-in-1 Tablet PC, the VOYO VBook i3.VOYO VBook i3 Review

The VOYO VBook i3 is very competitively priced in at $340. But does the VOYO VBook i3 offer the best bang for the buck? That is what we are going to find out today in this in-depth review of the VOYO VBook i3 2-in-1 Tablet PC.


The VBook i3, being a 2-in-1 Tablet that also works as a laptop, has a design that is very much similar to Microsoft Surface.

VOYO VBook i3 Review

First off, there is a 179-degree rotating hinge on the back of the tablet that essentially makes the tablet display stand like a laptop when needed. When not required, the hinge can be folded all the way in for the tablet mode. There are four different modes in which the hinge can fold: laptop, stand, tent, and tablet modes, all of the modes are beneficial is using the device as either a laptop or tablet comfortably.

VOYO VBook i3 Review

The VOYO VBook i3 is designed to be extremely light at just around 600grams and even with the detachable keyboard mounted, the device just weighs around 859grams, which is pretty light. Also, talking about dimensions, the device has a size of 9.69inchesx6.69inchesx0.35inches.VOYO VBook i3 Review

Talking about the hardware features of the VBook i3, the front of the device features the 10.1-inch IPS display panel with Full-HD resolution at 1920×1200 pixels. There is also a secondary camera sensor mounted on the center of the top bezel.

To the back, we can find the rotating hinge mounted at the center of the tablet and the primary camera on the top center. In the left side there is a USB 3.0 port and on the right side, there are the power and volume keys.

There is a speaker mounted on top of the tablet along with a Micro USB port for charging and data syncing. In the bottom of the device, there are magnetic ports that can be attached to the keyboard when using in laptop mode.


The 10.1-inch IPS LCD Full-HD panel on the VOYO VBook i3 is really appreciable.

The brightness of the display panel is really good for normal use, and when using outdoor, the “VOYO Sunlight Technology” enhances the display brightness for improved outdoor visibility.

VOYO VBook i3 Review

The display is very well-optimized for both laptop and tablet use. The great brightness, crispiness and color accuracy makes the display very well suited for laptop use. Also, the different software features, like the special monochrome mode or the reading at night mode etc, helps a lot in reducing eye strain while using the device in the tablet-mode as well.

Hardware and Performance

The VOYO VBook i3 2-in-1 Tablet PC is powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core Intel Atom X5 processor with 8GB of RAM, 128GB SSD, and Intel HD Graphics.

Considering that the device runs the Windows operating system, the hardware is very much enough to power the device through day-to-day tasks that one would normally do on a Windows device. Whether it be checking emails, browsing the web, streaming videos or even multi-tasking among all these tasks, the device runs without showing any signs of lags or stutters.

VOYO VBook i3 Review

However, when it comes to gaming, it definitely is not the strong point of the VBook i3 as it is not meant to be a powerhouse gaming device. The VBook i3 is designed to be a lightweight device that can be carried around easily anywhere and can work both as a laptop or a tablet.


The software is one of the strong points of the VOYO VBook i3 2-in-1 Tablet PC. The VBook i3 comes out of the box running on the official Windows 10.1 Home Version, which means you will be able run the entire suite of Windows applications on the VBook i3 and will also be able to access all of Windows 10 features.

VOYO VBook i3 Review

The Windows 10 Home software running on the VOYO VBook i3 needs no special description and works exactly like any other device running the full Windows operating system.


Another great feature of the VBook i3 is its camera. There is a 5MP primary camera sensor on the back and a 2MP secondary camera on the front.

In the age of 12MP and 15MP camera sensors, the 5MP primary camera sensor may sound inferior. Well, even though you can expect stellar shots out of the sensor, the photos taken by the primary camera and good enough in terms of the details and clarity. The same story goes with the front-facing camera as well.

However, the best shots from the camera can only be taken if there is ample level of lighting and as the light gets dimmer, so does the quality of images taken.


On the connectivity front, the VOYO VBook i3 supports 2.4GHz WIFI and also has Bluetooth 4.0. Connecting to Wi-Fi networks and pairing with Bluetooth devices can be done quite easily as you would expect and the device does not have any issues when it comes to connectivity.


There is a 5300mAh battery available in the VOYO VBook i3. The battery capacity is decent enough and can easily offer about a day worth of usage in a single full charge.

VOYO VBook i3 Review

Getting the device charged up does not take much time as well. The device can be charged from dead to a full 100% battery in less than 5 hours using the 5V 3A adapter that is provided within the box.


With a price tag of $340, the VOYO VBook i3 offers almost all the features found in other expensive 2-in-1 devices along with great build quality. If you are looking for a cheap bang for the buck 2-in-1 Tablet PC, then the VOYO VBook i3 is definitely worth considering.

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