Xiaomi Black Shark Review: First Gaming Smartphone from Xiaomi!

The term of Mobile games is acquainted to us. In previous two years, the mobile gaming has been quickly expanding, and a number of mobile games have thrived. It’s gone viral similar a chemical reaction. Thus that is not accidental to hear about a new group of mobile phones named the gaming smart phones. Today, the Xiaomi BlackShark was released. It is measured to be the first accurate gaming smartphone and it derives our way from a firm that likes to invent. This gaming smart phone is going to win the world. Anyhow, the Black Shark is out and we are going to get familiar with all of its features.


Xiaomi Black Shark Design

While it comes to the design, a gaming smart phone should embrace a special look. Otherwise, we cannot differentiate it from consistent smartphones. Perhaps, the biggest shortcoming of the Razer gaming phone is a consistent design. In this logic, the Xiaomi Black Shark looks quite adopting. Earlier, while there has been no leak about the look of the phone, someone published a photograph showing an ugly design. Luckily, later Wu Shimin, founder and CEO of Black Shark Games Mobile forwarded on Weibo saying what we had seen has nothing communal with the look of their device. Now we can say that is it.

When seeing at the Xiaomi Black Shark, we see a familiar appearance with a 5.99-inch Full HD+ resolution screen by an 18:9 aspect ratio.

The rear pane clearly displays we are dealing by a gaming smartphone. It usages a sports design with a dominant body. Thanks to the black metallic and green light bar it appearances amazing. Though, when seeing closely we can see the back panel of the device has glass segment on the upper and lower sides. The upper side conveys a dual-camera and flashlight, however the lower part conveys the phone’s name of ‘Black Shark’.

Xiaomi BlackShark Hardware

Powerful Xiaomi BlackShark Hardware

The Xiaomi Black Shark has leaked on AnTuTu and GeekBench. So we distinguished it will come with the maximum powerful processor prepared for mobile devices, the Snapdragon 845. and, the SoC is joined with an 8GB of RAM and 128GB of inner storage.

It can be used together with its individual Hexagon 685 DSP chip to match the CPU. Moreover, the GPUs perform AI calculations together to ensure maximum resource provision during the game. Such a potent hardware will let users play games for hours

One-Click Shark

Now let’s take a look at the distinctive toggle on the right side of the phone. Formally it’s called the ‘Shark key’. Its purpose is to enter the special game mode afterward dialing the top part. In this mode, all enclosed games will be comprised in the mobile phone and will be showed in a horizontal sight. This is alike to the display style of the Nintendo handheld. Furthermore, it will be founded on the users’ favorites. Thus, users could set which games they like to play and comprise them in this mode. The latter will moreover show the residual power.

In the ‘Shark’ mode, we mildly slide the Home button from top to bottom to call up a Dock bar. Here we could see the CPU /GPU’s resource load and some of the particulars of the function of the switch. They comprise the ‘anti-missing’ and ‘do not Interference’ modes, announcement blocking, and background cleanup features.

Game Measurements

As we are dealing by a gaming phone, it is a must to test its gaming abilities. For this goal, we used Jade to survive: stimulate the battleground. and, we selected Gamebench, a proficient game testing tool. To understand whether it varies from other top-end models we associated it with the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S, which derives with equal hardware. As we can see, the Black Shark displays way better gaming performance, which is moreover quite stable.


 20MP Camera

We didn’t review the camera, as persons are more interested in gaming abilities of this phone. But the Xiaomi Black Shark moreover comes with a dual-camera using a main 12MP sensor with an f/1.75 aperture, in addition to a 1.25µm pixel size, however the 20MP shooter derives with a 1.0µm pixel size as well as an f/1.75 aperture. For selfies, you have a 20MP snapper by 1.0µm pixel size and f/2.2 aperture.

Final Verdict

Well, the Xiaomi BlackShark is the finest smartphone display the steadiest gaming performance. It is full with a hardware that can be seen on additional models, but this is not the case while we should applause its hardware.

The overall look, the left-hand-side gamepad, the newly-made scheme and the gaming optimizations prepared for this handset create it the best proposal in the niche.

Obviously, this is a new niche as well as there are not numerous representatives. However Xiaomi has by now proven it can be a pioneer as well as lead to mainstreams.

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