Google reports self-driving car accident #12

Google has revealed that one of its self-driving cars has been involved in a vehicular accident, though it was not the fault of the autonomous car — rather, a person-driven vehicle rear ended one of Google’s self driving cars while it was stopped at a red light. Concerns about the safety of driverless cars has been around for a long time — far longer than current self-driving car efforts —- and some view incidents like this with a knee-jerk reaction. Still, of the driverless car incidents that have been reported, very few are the fault of the car itself.

This makes accident #12 for Google’s self-driving cars, of which the company recently revealed that there had been 11 accidents with its autonomous vehicles over more than half a decade. Google hasn’t released records about the accident, but has made a lengthy statement on them, largely pointing toward minor scuffles and human effort.

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