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Mercedes-Benz wins world’s first approval for Level 3 autonomous cars: What’s that mean?

“With this milestone, we are once again proving our pioneering work in automated driving and also

Sleeker self-driving SUV hints at more road-ready autonomous cars

Autonomous car headgear keeps getting smaller, with revealing its latest self-driving car design and its

The DJI Air 2S is old news – DJI is officially moving into self-driving cars

DJI has just upstaged the launch of its own DJI Air 2S drone by announcing a

This Fancy Honda Is the Closest Thing We Have to a Self-Driving Car

Honda became the first manufacturer to hit a major self-driving milestone…in a car you wouldn’t have

Skydio hits billion-dollar valuation for autonomous drone tech

Autonomous drone company Skydio has just raised another $170 million in funding, with its “flying robot”

Honda will launch a Level 3 autonomous car in the next six months

Honda is planning to launch a Level 3 self-driving car within the next six months, though

Audi A9 e-tron tipped as radical electric flagship for 2024

Audi put together its Artemis team to shake up how high-tech electric vehicles are developed, and

Cadillac Super Cruise Review: I like this more than Tesla Autopilot

PROS Eerily good at freeway driving First hands-free system on the market Attention system is easy

Here One review : Augmented sound like you’ve never heard it before

With Here One, the hearable has truly arrived. Sound quality is surprisingly good, the earbuds don’t

Shell’s Concept Car Combines Goofy Looks With 107 MPG

[su_youtube url=”″] If Silicon Valley has its way, future cars will both be self-driving and electric.

Google I/O 2016 Preview: Self-Driving Cars, VR and Android N

We now have a date for Google I/O, Google’s annual gathering of developers. And thanks to

New Volvo S90 has Swedish take on luxe and autopilot

Volvo’s Swedish parents might be self-effacing, but the car firm is hoping to put the frighteners

Self-driving car lidars can be spoofed by $60 gadget

Autonomous cars naturally rely on a variety of sensors in order to determine and navigate through

Google’s self-driving car gets confused by cyclist’s track stand

We’ve been hearing about Google’s self-driving cars getting into fender-benders before, mostly at the fault of

Tesla’s Autopilot feature descends on some Model S testers

Hinting that the feature might soon be released to the public, provided it doesn’t hit a

Self-driving car tech lets computers see our world like never before

Since their inception, computers have lived in a world of ones and zeros, doggedly processing if-then

Audi puts self-driving car on diet to persuade politicians

Audi has revamped its self-driving car, trimming the fat on the autonomous RS 7 racer as

Ford jumps in the race to develop self-driving cars

Ford is amping up its research into autonomous technologies in the hopes of creating a self-driving

California releases data on accidents involving self-driving cars

California have given in to pressure and released data on self-driving car accidents that have happened.

Baidu and BMW aim to launch a self driving car this year

Chinese tech giant, Baidu, began working with BMW in April 2014 on a project centered around

Google reports self-driving car accident #12

Google has revealed that one of its self-driving cars has been involved in a vehicular accident,

Google was once $6 billion away from owning Tesla

In May of 2013, we reported Tesla and Google were working together on some sort of

Up close with F 015, Mercedes’ incredible self-driving car

Mercedes-Benz dropped jaws back at CES 2015 in January when its autonomous F 015 Luxury in

Fiat CEO says Apple to continue its ‘intervention in the car’

A new report from Reuters on Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne’s recent trip to California

I still trust autonomous cars more than I trust you

I told my grandmother about Mercedes-Benz’s self-driving F 015 concept the other week, and she was

Uber’s self-driving research car is spotted on the street

Uber is testing out its self-driving cars on the public roads of Pittsburgh around its new

Audi R8 e-tron concept is ready to drive itself

Just two months ago, Audi revived the R8 e-tron to take another stab at the electric