2017 Mclaren 570GT By Novitec Review

The McLaren 570GT is about as unique as any McLaren that’s out on the market today. It’s classified under the company’s Sports Series, but really, it has the credentials of a supercar. It was prepared to be a performance daily driver in the vein of the Porsche 911, and yet it can flex its power in a heartbeat. The 570GT’s varied characteristics is a big part of its appeal, and for all it’s worth, it’s also a big reason why aftermarket tuners have taken a fancy to it. One of these tuners is Novitec and it’s got a dandy new program for the 570GT that helps improve its output numbers to reach levels that essentially puts it in the league of McLaren’s higher-echelon Super Series.

If you have ever followed Novitec’s work, you might remember the tuner has already worked on the McLaren 570S, introducing its program for that car back in December 2016. The blueprint of both kits is pretty similar in a such a way that the scope of Novitec’s modifications falls along the same sections. There are aerodynamic kits, a new set of wheels, suspension upgrades, and of course, engine tweaks that put the 570GT’s output in the vicinity of 650 horsepower, right smack where the 650S resides. It’s not the most encompassing program you’ll ever see, but for a car like the 570GT that can already shine on its own without any assistance, Novitec’s new program is simply all about making a good thing even better.

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