McLaren 720S Designer Dissects More Video Game Cars From GTA V

We’ve seen quite a few videos from noted car designer Frank Stephenson, but this one is different. Whereas the subject is usually a new supercar,

2022 Pininfarina Battista First Drive Review: Worthy Of The Name

The numbers boggle the mind: 1,900 horsepower, 60 miles per hour in 1.8 seconds, and 186 mph in under 12 clicks, or about as much

Watch Forza Horizon 5’s spectacular opening right here, right now

Forza fans, start your engines – as expected, Forza Horizon 5 formed a big part of the Xbox stream at Gamescom 2021, where the game’s

The latest TWS earbuds from Klipsch have ANC, wireless charging and a McLaren-branded special edition

Klipsch has announced the T5 II Series True Wireless ANC Earphones, which come in Standard and McLaren Editions. They are rated for Dirac HD-tuned sound

2021 McLaren 720S review

If you’re going to specialize in one thing, it’d better be damn good. McLaren builds just one type of vehicle: the two-seat supercar. So it’s

McLaren F1 Roadster Rendered Imagining A Supercar That Never Existed

No McLaren F1s were harmed in the creation of these images. In fact, while it’s hard to believe at first glance, these are not photographs,

McLaren 570GT Tests Its Performance Chops Against A V10 F1 Car

Today’s road-going supercars are mental machines with power and performance deemed alien just a few decades ago. However, for all their advancements, they still trail

Czinger 21C laps Laguna Seca two seconds faster than McLaren Senna

The Czinger 21C has proven its merits around Laguna Seca Raceway by completing an entire lap two seconds faster than the previous record holder. Piloted

McLaren Albert Speedtail took 12 weeks to paint

The McLaren Albert Speedtail is one of the final 106 Speedtails to be made. The ‘Albert’ moniker pays homage to the first Speedtail prototype from

McLaren 570GT Faces Caterham 620R In Drag Race, Other Speed Trials

The McLaren 570GT and the Caterham 620R are similar in some ways, yet each represents a very different approach to ultimate vehicle performance. Both offer

McLaren 765LT Spider Debuts As Brand’s Most Powerful Convertible In History

Like a thunderstorm during a summer joy ride in a convertible, McLaren has just unveiled its most powerful open-top supercar to date. The 765LT Spider

McLaren 765LT Spider Is a 755-HP Track-Ready Droptop

Its retractable hardtop can deploy in 11 seconds, and the Spider has all the weight-saving measures and aerodynamic elements from the coupe. The McLaren 765LT,

McLaren 765LT Spider cuts the roof and spits fire

McLaren is adding a new droptop to its line-up, with the 765LT Spider chopping the roof off the most recent Longtail. Only 765 of the

The 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Is a Teutonic War Hammer for the Track

Mercedes yet again one-ups itself in making the AMG GT more fierce. The Mercedes-AMG GT has manifested quite a few variants over its six years

2021 McLaren Sabre Sharpens the Supercar

McLaren Special Operations rolls out a 218-mph, 824-horsepower special for an audience of 15. You won’t confuse the Sabre with any other McLaren. McLaren Special

McLaren GT Ride-On is the coolest toy of the summer

British supercar maker McLaren has unveiled the newest car in its Ride-On collection: The McLaren GT. It’s the fourth Lilliputian scale model of a McLaren

McLaren F1 Replica Based On Porsche Boxster Is A Decent Effort

The McLaren F1 is regarded by many as the greatest supercar of the 1990s. Produced between 1992 and 1998, the V12-powered sports car was limited

McLaren intends to enter the Extreme E race series next year

McLaren is heavily involved in automotive racing in multiple segments all around the world. A new report has surfaced that McLaren intends to enter another

DarwinPro GTR Style body kit will transform your McLaren 720S into a Senna GTR

Without question, the McLaren 720S is the epitome of supercar performance and aerodynamic styling, but the latter is subjective. But if (for some strange reason)

McLaren’s New Supercar Is a High-Tech Masterpiece

McLaren’s supercar for the masses (so to speak) arrives soon. Here’s more info about how it works. Back in February, McLaren unveiled its entry-level supercar

Flashback: even more weird car-branded phones – McLaren, Aston Martin and Hummer

The kooky Siemens SX1 had a McLaren limited edition, but other phone makers have partnered up with the racing brand too. That happened a few years

This Week in Cars: A Hyundai Hatchback EV, a McLaren, and China’s Anti-Spy Strategies

Our trip through the week’s stories, including Ford’s new EV plans, China’s anti-spy measures, and some custom Rolls-Royces. Coronavirus case numbers are dropping in the United

McLaren Elva Gains a Windshield but Still Has No Roof

The glass adds a claimed 44 pounds, and the company now says it will produce no more than 149 Elvas in total, down from 399.

McLaren Artura: What’s Hiding Under The Skin

The Artura may seem just like yet another McLaren supercar with a familiar design but it’s much more than that under the skin. It’s actually

McLaren 720S Gets Stunning Gulf Livery Painted By Hand In 20 Days

We’ve seen our fair share of vehicles dressed in the attractive Gulf livery in recent times, varying from a Porsche 959 to an F-150. There

I’m fascinated by the McLaren Artura hybrid – This is why

We’re a long way from “hybrid” automatically meaning “Prius,” but cars like the new McLaren Artura still have something to prove. Meaningful electrification in the

Princess X95 review: Widebody design ushers in a brave new world

For a yard more used to evolution than revolution the new Princess X95 is a radical departure from the norm but how does it stack

Mercedes EQB is a family-sized answer to the electric car question

Here at TechRadar, our electric car content often sways into the sports variety. We’ve covered the Audi e-tron GT, the BMW i4 and Polestar 2,

McLaren ends legendary Sports Series lineup with final deliveries of 620R supercar

Production for British automaker McLaren’s Sports Series ended in December 2020 with the final builds of its 620R supercar. The 620R commemorates the McLaren Sports Series’s final

Tuned McLaren 720S Mixes Exposed Carbon Fiber And 3D-Printed Parts

1016 Industries is pushing hard to implement 3d printing as a scalable method for creating automotive parts. The company’s latest step forward is this modified