Xbox One X: everything you need to know about the 4K Xbox

We round up the news, from prices to release dates, specification to features of Microsoft’s Xbox One X, formerly known as Project Scorpio… 

Microsoft’s Xbox One was intended to be an ambitious multimedia box (with gaming just one of its many components). It never really succeeded in that regard and was left in the dust by the PS4’s superior performance and incredible sales.

So Microsoft was forced to reassess the direction of the Xbox program. Out went the motion-tracking peripheral Kinect, so too the ambition of being the go-to box under your TV.

It doubled-down on games, improving the console and the service, culminating in 2016’s Xbox One S – which supported 4K and came with a UHD drive.

It didn’t support 4K gaming, however, which is where the Xbox One X, (formerly known as Project Scorpio) comes in. This is a no-expense spared, native 4K console that focuses on gaming.

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