HTC U11 vs LG G6 (Smartphone Showdown): What sets the HTC U11 apart from the LG G6?

Situated below Samsung in terms of their foothold in the flagship space, both the LG G6 and the new HTC U11 are two premium smartphones with similar price tags. However, the handsets come with several differentiating aspects, both in terms of specs and feats. Below, we’ll highlight them for you.

Design and Display

The HTC U11 features an all-glass outer casing and a super-shiny glossy back color. Starting with the HTC U Ultra, the company moved away from its classical metal phone design and started making glass-backed devices. And the U11 clearly shows us HTC will continue to expand upon these design principles.

As for the LG G6, the phone comes with a metal body, slim bezels, and unique dimensions. It features a 5.7-inch Dolby Vision HDR display with 2880 x 1440 resolution and 18:9 aspect ratio. So, you’ll get a phone that’s a tad wider and longer than most smartphones currently available on the market, including the HTC U11. Both models include a robust metal frame.

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