Windows 10 S Unveiled: Here’s How It’s Different

Microsoft (May 2) announced Windows 10 S, an education-focused version of Windows 10 that runs only preinstalled applications or apps downloaded from the Windows Store. It’s Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Chrome OS, a cloud-based operating system that has has been particularly popular in schools. Windows 10 S will launch this summer on PCs starting at $189.


The company detailed the operating system at an education-focused event in New York. Microsoft executive vice president Terry Myerson said Windows 10 S is streamlined for simplicity, and has superior performance, but he claimed the S stands for the “soul” of Windows. The stripped-down OS, he added, is designed for creative use in and out of the classroom.

The only apps that run on Windows 10 S are those that are preloaded on the machines, and those are downloaded from the Windows Store. Myerson said that these restrictions are for safety and security. (He added that Office 365 will soon come to the Windows Store.) Windows 10 S will also work with upcoming mixed-reality headsets and other peripherals, Myerson said.

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