VO2 Max guide: Understand and increase your VO2 Max with wearables

It’s the hottest stat in town and we have the low-down

It’s safe to say VO2 Max is all the rage in wearable tech right now. It’s been a focus of high-end sports watches for a while, but now it’s going mainstream on the latest fitness trackers.

Fitbit has chosen it as the basis for its “Cardio Fitness” score on the Fitbit Charge 2 and the Fitbit Ionic. Garmin has brought the VO2 Max skills from its GPS sports watches into its Fitbit-rivalling Vivosmart 3 wearable and even the Apple Watch looks set to get some VO2 Max love in the future. What was once a metric for elite athletes is fast becoming a figure that weekend park runners are being conditioned to obsess over.

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