Garmin launches new Instinct and Fenix 6 Solar editions

Instinct gets Surf Edition and pulse oximeter too Garmin has gone big on solar power, launching brand new Instinct, Fenix and Tactix Delta Solar editions.

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Garmin takes the power back Garmin has bought Firstbeat, the company that powers most of its advanced fitness algorithms – and it’s big news for

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Garmin launches $1,850 Marq Golfer watch made from titanium and ceramic

It’s an absurd price tag for those who can’t afford it Garmin has unveiled the Marq Golfer smartwatch – the latest smartwatch in its elite

Garmin launches Quatix 6X Solar for longer boating adventures

Garmin’s boating watch runs on the sun Garmin has revamped its Quatix 6X with solar technology, which extends battery life for its boating sports watch.

Garmin overhauls GPS navigation on its watches – and it’s coming to most devices

Less mapping more running Garmin has overhauled GPS course navigation features on its devices with a new API, and now users can automatically add routes

Form AR swim goggles hook up with Apple Watch and Garmin for open water tracking

Garmin and Apple Watch provide the heart rate and GPS Form, the augmented reality swim goggles, is updating its headset to be used for open water swimming

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All you need to know about Garmin’s feature to kickstart your running If you’re looking for a way to ease into running, or grab a

Polar Grit X is an endurance watch for those that own the trails

Nutrition, running power – the Grit X is a serious contender Polar has unveiled its most advanced sports watch to date – the powerful Polar

Garmin data reveals how the world is working out during the lockdown

Garmin users are still getting sweaty With over a quarter of the world’s population now in lockdown, our activity habits are changing. But it seems

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Garmin’s first front/interior camera proves again that good things come in small packages. With the  Dash Cam Tandem, Garmin has finally nailed its dash formula.

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Garmin may be the titan of sports watches, but with the Vivomove Luxe it’s wading into the unfamiliar waters of luxury watchmaking. Fossil, which has

All-new Casio G-Shock GBD-H1000 aims at Garmin with HRM and GPS

Updated: It’s big on specs and…just really big Casio has launched a new G-Shock smartwatch, and it’s got Garmin in its sights with a big

Garmin Dash Cam 56 Review – A tiny dash cam with speed camera alerts and more

I am a big fan of dash cams, they are a small investment for something that could save you thousands in insurance claims, and potentially

Suunto 7 Review

The Suunto 7 is the first wearable from the Finnish fitness tech heavyweight to run Google’s WearOS. It’s being marketed with the tagline “sports and

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An expert blend of style and substance The hybrid smartwatch isn’t what it used to be. What was once a smartwatch masquerading as an analogue