2018 Hyundai i30 N v Volkswagen Golf GTI Original 3-door comparison

Volkswagen’s reputation for producing exciting, attainable hot hatches is legendary, and with over 40 years’ experience to draw from, so it should be.

There’s a new challenger in town, though, with Hyundai looking to spoil the Golf GTI’s party with something it’s never tried before: a hot hatch of its own called the i30 N.

Consider it part of the continuing rise of the Korean juggernaut. Hyundai may have established itself in markets like Australia with cut-throat pricing and drive-away deals, but now it sells as many big, luxurious SUVs and sensible family cars as more established brands.

Next on its hit list, it seems, is the performance market. While Japanese competitors duck in and out of focus, Germany’s influence on the sporty-hatch market (through the iconic Golf GTI) has been much more determined.

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