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Apple Watch Series 7 v Watch SE: Choose the best for your needs

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The Series 7 Is the Most Beautiful Apple Watch Ever, But That’s About It

The Series 7 won’t tempt you with new sensors and features, but it’s bigger-than-ever display looks better than you might expect. Apple comes out with

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Fast Charge: The Apple Watch 7’s speedy charging is a welcome upgrade

OPINION: The Apple Watch Series 7 finally hit shelves this week and I’ve had this rather fetching green model on my wrist for a couple

Apple Watch Series 7 vs Series 6 vs Watch SE vs Series 3: What’s the difference?

The Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE smartwatches sit alongside the older Apple Watch Series 3. The Series 6, Series 5, Series 4,

5 things the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro can do that the Apple Watch Series 7 can’t

The Apple Watch Series 7 goes on sale starting October 15, and the first batch of reviews have already dropped. While you might already be

Apple Watch 7 review (hands on): The most usable smartwatch yet

Are you seeing the bigger picture? An entirely iPhone-free Apple Watch experience is not a question of if, but when. With its slimmer bezels and

Apple Watch 7 is out now, but you may struggle to get one soon

It’s been a bit of a wait for the Apple Watch 7 to launch, as it was announced back on September 14 and it only

This new TicWatch smartwatch is a top Apple Watch 7 rival, but it has a dumb name

It’s rare that we at TechRadar cover a product with a name so long we can’t even put it in the headline, but here we

Apple Watch 7 review

The Apple Watch 7 replaces last year’s Watch 6 as the premium model in Apple’s wearable range, joining the Watch SE and Watch 3 for

Apple Watch 7 makes Watch 6 look old in new image

An early picture of the Apple Watch 7 shows what an improvement its new larger display is over the Apple Watch 6. The Apple Watch 7 lands tomorrow,

watchOS 8 just made my Apple Watch the ultimate smart home controller

watchOS 8 just made my Apple Watch the ultimate smart home controller I like writing about the Apple Watch, and I like writing about smart

The Apple Watch Series 6 is no more

The Apple Watch Series 6, released one year ago by Apple, has essentially been discontinued by the iPhone maker. On the day Apple put the

Apple Watch Series 7 preorders open: Tough choices and long waits

The Apple Watch Series 7 is up for preorder, and you’d be forgiven for being a little confused – and more than a little impatient

The Apple Watch Series 7 goes on pre-order this Friday, will be available next Friday

The new Apple Watch Series 7 arrives a couple of weeks after the iPhone 13 series went on sale. Pre-orders start this Friday, October 8,

The Apple Watch 7 has leaked online ahead of its release

The Apple Watch 7 is expected to launch any day now and we may have just seen the first photos of the watch taken outside

Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch SE: Which should you buy?

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch 7 at its event on September 14. We’ve already looked at how the smartwatch differs from the Apple Watch 6,

iOS 15.0.1 released with fix for iPhone unlock with Apple Watch

Apple has released iOS 15.0.1, and the biggest news is a fix to the Unlock with Apple Watch bug that left mask-wearers unable to use

iOS 15.0.1 and iPadOS 15.0.1 now available with fix for Apple Watch unlock bug

Remember when new big iOS updates didn’t have glaring bugs upon their release, despite months and months of public beta testing beforehand? Neither do we,

iPhone 13 can’t unlock with Apple Watch: Here’s what to do [Update: Fix available]

Unlock with Apple Watch on iPhone 13 fix is coming Update 10/1/21: Apple has released an update for the iOS 15 that fixes the issue

The first iOS 15 update is here, but it’s more for Apple Watch owners

Apple has released the first iOS 15 update in order to fix an issue with unlocking an iPhone using an Apple Watch. iOS 15.0.1 is

Apple Watch Series 7 rumor tips shipping in mid-October

Apple has been busy showing off new smartphones, tablets, and wearables. One of the devices that many people were interested in is the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 7 release date has leaked

Apple announced the next-gen of its Apple Watch alongside the iPhone 13, however we didn’t get a firm release date for the wearable. The only

The original Apple Watch is now ‘vintage’ – here’s why that matters

When you think of a ‘vintage’ watch, the all-conquering Apple Watch, or any other timepiece with a touchscreen, probably won’t come to mind. However, the

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What new features are coming to the Apple Watch? Here’s the lowdown Apple watchOS 8 is now live – and you can now download it

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Apple has just launched its latest mobile devices for the last half of the year, and both the iPhone 13 and iPad mini 6 are

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We help you decide whether you should upgrade to the Apple Watch 7 The Apple Watch 7 is Apple’s latest wearable device designed to keep

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Both Samsung and Apple have released their flagship wearables for the year 2021. The big smartwatch war has thus unfolded virtually, but for everyone, this

Apple Watch Series 7 has a 60.5GHz wireless data feature you can’t use

Apple’s newest wearable may have come as a disappointment for Apple fans last week. Aside from the bigger screen that also brought bigger cases, the