Polar Flow: How to use your Polar app to become a better runner

If you’re using a Polar running watch, don’t hit the roads without this guide

Whether you’re using the Vantage V, its smaller sibling the Vantage M or something more meaty like the Grit X, Polar’s current crop of GPS sport watches and fitness trackers are smarter than ever – but the watches are just the start. Behind the devices is Polar Flow, a hugely powerful app that holds the key to better running.

Master the web tools that support these devices and you can unlock another level of insights to help you fine-tune your training and improve your running.

Just like Garmin Connect, the Flow web platform offers a vast range of planning, analysis and social tools to help make training easier to manage. You can build a training plan, monitor your progress, see what friends have been up to and even relive recent runs.

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