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How to unlock the secret ending in Hitman 3

Players have uncovered a secret ending to Hitman 3 which acts as a loving homage to Codename 47, the very first game in IO Interactive’s

How to clean the Samsung earbuds?

Earbuds are a handy piece of equipment and allow you to enjoy your favorite music in a more appropriate way. If you want to enhance

Predator arrives in Fortnite – How to unlock this secret skin

After weeks of teases, the Predator has arrived in Fortnite. Oftentimes, crossover skins like this need to be purchased from the shop, but that isn’t

How to buy the right-sized TV (the only problem is that it might not exist)

Quality over size is our usual mantra, but vendors don’t generally offer their best technology in smaller sizes. It’s the same trend, year in, year

Maxims to Check if Someone has Blocked your Number on iPhone

You’re a newly established business enterprise, and you have been embarking upon the journey of pitching clients. But, wait have you noticed that no matter

AMD CES 2021: How to watch today’s AMD keynote event

All eyes are on the upcoming AMD CES 2021 event, as Team Red looks set to make several big announcements for its processor and graphics card line

Chevy’s Mid-Engine Corvette Coming to Forza Horizon 4

This will be the 11th Corvette to join the game, which includes more than 450 different vehicles, and here’s how to unlock it starting January

Cyberpunk 2077 photo mode: how to take next-level snaps in Night City

The Cyberpunk 2077 photo mode is a bit of a godsend for the Christmas break – while the holidays are usually a great time to

How to improve Apple Watch battery life: 16 ways to keep your watch powered for longer

Battery draining too fast? Try these tips to get more life from your smartwatch Battery life on the Apple Watch may have improved down the years, but

AirPods Max low power modes explained – how to preserve battery life

The Apple AirPods Max, somewhat strangely, do not have a power button, so you can’t turn them off if you’re looking to save battery. That

Fortnite’s Operation Snowdown arrives: Free rewards and how to get them

Epic Games has officially launched its Operation Snowdown event in Fortnite, the one leaks had suggested would be this year’s ‘Winterfest.’ Operation Snowdown comes with

Google Chrome reportedly destroys Mac performance — here’s how to fix it

Tired of Google Chrome slowing down your Mac? There’s a solution It looks like Google Chrome could be behind your Mac machine running slower than

iPhone 12 ProRAW photos have arrived — here’s what you can do with them

Here’s how to take advantage of Apple’s new photo format on the the iPhone 12 Pro Apple has launched ProRAW, its RAW photo file format, as

iOS 14.3 is here — top 5 new features and how to get it now

How to download iOS 14.3 and why we want to hit Download Apple just released iOS 14.3, the latest significant update to iOS 14 —

Cyberpunk 2077 refund – How to get your money back on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Earlier today, Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red issued a statement apologizing for the rather sorry state of the game on base last-gen consoles. In

Know Yourself: How to Buy Your First Real Camera

If you’re buying your first real camera, then ask yourself these questions. How does one buy a camera these days? Do you still even care

CD Projekt Red outlines plans to fix console versions of Cyberpunk 2077 and how to get a refund

Following its release last week, CD Projekt Red has reflected on the negative feedback to console versions of Cyberpunk 2077 and how it plans to

2020 Genesis G70 Review – Agent of Change

It’s clear that Genesis is on a roll right now, its first SUV reaping rave reviews, and a smaller – and even more striking –

Rise of Kingdoms – Now play it on your PC!

The craze for video games has been increasing at a rapid pace, especially since the young generation is highly interested in video gaming, and some

How to Ensure Proper Repair and Installation of Your Automated Garage Doors

Your automatic garage door does more than just protecting and providing shelter to your car. It works for your convenience, at your fingertips. Despite being

Light and Motion CLx10 Review : Hybrid Shooters Will Love It

The Light and Motion CLx10 continuous light could be a great light for on the go hybrid photographers. We are huge champions of learning how

2021 Polaris Slingshot SL Review: With AutoDrive and Paddle Shifters

Last year was a big year for the Polaris Slingshot. A new motor built by Polaris—the makers of Indian motorcycles—replaced an outsourced powerplant, and along

iOS 14 problems: here’s how to fix the most common iPhone glitches in iOS 14.2

iOS 14 problems can spoil Apple’s otherwise beautiful iPhone software upgrade, so we’re here to help you fix the iOS 14 bugs and glitches that

How to upgrade from an older Mac operating system to macOS Catalina or Big Sur

Apple supports macOS migrations back several releases, but you can wind up with too big a gap. Many people remember Mac OS X 10.6.8 fondly.

How to turn on Do Not Disturb in macOS Big Sur

Apple shifted from its former shortcut in macOS to the new Control Center. Disabling notifications in macOS is a great help during meetings, whether you’re

How to connect and pair a Garmin watch to your smartphone

Step-by-step guidance to the first hour with your new sports watch Garmin sports watches are among the easiest wearables to set up and pair, and

How to upgrade FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X: Next-gen update has arrived a day early

Electronic Arts has released the next generation upgrade for FIFA 21 ahead of its planned release, meaning players who own the football sim on PS4

The 5 Best Business Phone Apps (on Android and iOS)

A dedicated business phone number is a crucial part of having a professional, cohesive business identity – no matter if you’re a solo freelancer or

iOS 14: How to download it on your iPhone

iOS 14 is here, and whether you’re using an old iPhone 6S or the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max, you’re going to want to get

Red Dead Redemption 2: How to hunt like a pro

There are several different ways to help support your community and yourself in Red Dead Redemption 2. This includes robbing stores, completing odd jobs, and