XCOM 2 Collection (Nintendo Switch) Review

One of the best PC games in recent years lands on the Nintendo Switch, but does the port manage to impress enough to convince existing players and newcomers to jump in?

XCOM 2 is widely regarded as one of the very best PC games released within the last decade, so to see it arrive on the portable Nintendo Switch is quite the marvel. 

A number of compromises have been made to make this port possible though, with a shaky frame-rate performance reminding us of the Switch’s unfortunate hardware limitations.

The XCOM 2 Collection for Nintendo Switch also resurrects the question of how far developers should go when porting a game over to an alien platform. While port expert Virtuos has done a terrific job getting XCOM 2 running on the Switch, not enough has been done to help the alien shooter’s transition to the small screen, with subtitles too small and important UI overlays often shunted out of view.

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