ODG AR smart glasses hands-on: Snapdragon 835 gets real

The first Snapdragon 835 device isn’t a phone, and it isn’t a tablet: it’s a set of augmented reality glasses. Two sets of glasses, to be precise, the handiwork of ODG – or Osterhout Design Group – flush with a recent $58m cash injection from 21st Century Fox who have been pushing augmented reality and smart glasses for a decade now. While you might associate Snapdragon with phones, there are plenty of good reasons you might want the new 835 in a computer for your face.

In fact, Qualcomm designed the chip with head-mounted wearables in mind. The first evidence of that on the market – or at least the most affordable – is likely to be self-contained virtual reality goggles, which don’t require a tethered computer. However, ODG is pushing that out to full-blown AR.

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