Nike+ Run Club: How to use Nike’s app to become a better runner

How to smash your goals with Nike’s Apple Watch-friendly running app

The first thing you need to know about Nike+ Running is that it’s no longer called Nike+ Running. The latest incarnation of Nike’sĀ runningĀ app now goes by the name of Nike+ Run Club, linking the Oregon’s digital running ecosystem more directly to its global, real world running community.

Nike+ Running was given this overhaul back in 2016 and let’s just say the feedback about the initial upgrade wasn’t all that popular. The Apple app star rating plummeted and loyal Nike+ users took to social to vent about missing features and new frustrations such as being forced to share runs to Nike’s own social feed before you could post to Facebook. This wasn’t Nike’s finest hour.

Nike quickly realised it had made some major mistakes and since then it’s been busy addressing many, though not all, of the bigger gripes. There are new detailed training plans across a range of distances, guided runs with audio coaching for those who are working towards less race-specific goals and plenty of the motivation and social smarts you’d expect from the Just Do It tribe.

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