iOS 11.3: Six reasons you should be excited

Apple has announced the iOS 11.3 developer beta, and there’s plenty to get excited about for iPhone, iPad, and smart home fans. Whether you’re an Animoji karaoke addict, need your regular fix of augmented reality in Pokemon GO, or just want deeper control over what’s going on in the background of your iPhone, there’s something that should satisfy you. While we don’t know all the goodies iOS 11.3 will bring, we do know six of the biggest changes and improvements.

iPhone Augmented Reality is about to get much more immersive

ARKit is Apple’s attempt to turn the iPhone into an augmented reality experience, and it’s about to gain a whole lot more traction. Come iOS 11.3 we’ll get ARKit 1.5, with a number of key improvements over the current version that’s already being used by Pokemon GO, IKEA, and more. Perhaps most important, ARKit 1.5 will be able to track not only horizontal surfaces but vertical ones too.

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