How to set up and use Garmin Pay : Everything you need to know about paying for stuff with your Garmin

Garmin Pay is the sports watch and smartwatch maker’s payment alternative to Apple Pay on the Apple Watch, Google Pay on Wear watches and Fitbit Pay on the Versa and the Ionic.

It means that as long as you’ve got a Garmin Pay-friendly wearable, you can leave that smartphone, wallet or purse behind and still be able to buy stuff. Need a bottle of water when it’s getting a bit sweaty out on your run? This is the feature you need in your life.

Like rival services, it’s currently only available on select watches and there’s some other ins and outs you need to know about before you can start making use of the feature.

We’ve broken down how Garmin Pay works, the wearables that support it and the quickest way to get set up so you can start paying from the wrist.

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