How to get LTE set up and working on the Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 marks the debut of cellular connectivity on an Apple smartwatch, letting you cut the invisible cord and still receive calls, text and other notifications when far away from your smartphone.

This isn’t a must-have feature for everyone, and for those of you who don’t see the need for LTE on the wrist, Apple is still offering the Series 3 without the cellular connection starting at $329. Otherwise, the cheapest Series 3 with LTE costs $399.

How to set up LTE on Apple Watch

Bear in mind that you’ll be paying an additional cost to your carrier to have the second line on your wrist, though the price will vary. In the US right now the big networks are charging an additional $10 a month for LTE, but you’ll need to check who’s supporting it in your country. In the UK it’s just EE, on a £5-a-month plan with the first six months free.

Getting and setting up LTE on the Apple Watch is pretty easy, and you even get to use the same number. Here’s how.

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