New Nissan Qashqai vs Seat Ateca Comparison

The Qashqai may have started the trend for small, family-friendly SUVs, but it has been surpassed by the Ateca in recent times. Does a recent update put the Qashqai back on top?An article image

Make sure you’re sitting comfortably; we’re going to tell you a story. Once upon a time in a world not too dissimilar to ours, people with families drove forgettable hatchbacks and estate cars. To get away from this tedium, they started to buy big 4x4s.

The problem was that those 4x4s were greedy, gobbling up fuel and costing their owners lots of money. But then a knight in shining armour called Qashqai came along to give people a high driving position and tough looks with the running costs of a small hatchback. And they all lived happily ever after. Well, almost.

In the past year, the Qashqai has started to feel a little old, so Nissan has sprinkled some magic dust onto it in an effort to improve perceived quality and refinement. To see if the spell has worked, we’re putting the Qashqai up against our current Small SUV of the Year, the Seat Ateca.

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