Here One review : Augmented sound like you’ve never heard it before

With Here One, the hearable has truly arrived. Sound quality is surprisingly good, the earbuds don’t draw attention to themselves, the augmented audio features are awesome, and it’s a nice way to interact with Siri et al. It’s just a shame the battery lets it down, because chances are that when you pop these in, you’ll have few other reasons to take them out again.

Here One

Every once in a while, I try a new piece of technology that genuinely blows me away. The first time I strapped on an Oculus Rift; my first experience with a self-driving car. My debut outing with Doppler Labs’ Here Ones earns a place on that list too.

The Here Ones, an update to the Here Active Listening hearable we reviewed last year, are a pair of noise-cancelling smart earphones that manipulate and augment the way you hear the world. While we were impressed by Doppler’s Here Active Listening, there was a big limitation: they didn’t play music. Here One changes that with support for audio over Bluetooth, along with more useful ways to filter noise and the ability to let you interact with Siri and Google Now voice assistants.

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